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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surigao Adventure: Day 2b - Crystal Cave, Bucas Grande Island

After visiting the Tiktikan Lake, our next stop were the twin caves, Crystal and Bolitas Cave.  These were called twins since these are located on the same place, just perpendicular to each other.

Crystal Cave
It's not difficult to reach the Crystal Cave even though you need to climb up to reach it.  Going there, the path were somehow formed into stairs with improvised handle to support and guide you all the way up.  Reaching the mouth of the cave will take about 10 minutes walk.

Going to the cave

Crystal Cave Entrance

numerous rock formations will greet you upon entrance

one of the "crystals"

this is Kuya Joxen (blue cap)

Unique rock formed in the middle

another "crystal"
Unique rock formation

Inside the cave

look at the ceiling!

Further down the cave

Just taking a shot while everyone is leaving the cave
Crystal cave is wide and with just a few walks, you will be able to tour around it.  Inside the cave, most rock formations are white in color with some sparkling material thus making it seem like a crystal.  The path inside the cave is just a straight one so it's not really difficult to discover rock formations there.  I was fascinated on how these white crystal rocks were formed as they are not only situated on the sides or wall, but also at the middle.  Also, the rock formations were unique, never seen similar to it in some other caves I've been to in the Philippines.  It's another nice experience to be exploring this Crystal Cave.

This visit to Crystal Cave is part of the Bucas Grande Island tour which was explored during our Day 2 Surigao Adventure.

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