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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Products for Oily Skin

Having an oily skin could be a struggle.  You should watch out every products you put on your face, from facial wash, moisturizer and even up to make up.  Oily face can attribute to having acne breakouts which are common problems to most women.  Me, I have acne prone skin.  In my previous blog, I have enumerated some tips to have a pimple free skin.  This time, I will recommend products that will somehow help keep pimples at bay through minimize the oiliness of your face.  Of course there are a lot of factors affecting acne but having an oily (and unclean) skin initiates the appearance of it.  Through the years (and even until now), I still couldn't completely eliminate the appearance of acne on my face.  But gradually, I have discovered effective products for oily skin which somehow makes my skin behave and pimple free.  Read the products for oily skin I have used below which I personally use and find them effective in being oily free throughout the day.

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

When I first consulted a dermatologist, she recommends Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser as part of my regimen in cleaning my face.  I was happy to use this eversince.  The consistency is very light, almost like water yet a small amount can already thoroughly cleanse your face.  It's not bubbly or foamy so it comes in its purest form.  What's best, it does not dry your skin after every use.  Through months of use, I can say that this is really effective in minimizing oiliness of the face all throughout the day.  I have tried using this in combination with an acne toner and oil controlling toner which may also help in keeping my face shine free.  I use this twice daily.

Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Foam Wash

It seems that wherever I go, I no longer see Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser in the market.  Even in the USA and in Cetaphil's website, there's no longer oily skin cleanser but they have replaced it with Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Foam Wash.  So when I asked my relatives to buy Cetaphil moisturizer (to be discussed later) for me abroad, it comes with free Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Foam Wash which is very timely as my oily skin cleanser is already about to be empty.  This cleanser is different from the oily skin cleanser in terms of consistency.  As what the name implies, it is more foamy yet still light.  The foam is not like the foam you get from facial wash or soaps.  It is still like watery foam.  When applied to skin, you wouldn't see the foamy effect.  Again, I use this in combination with other products for oily skin which makes it more effective.  This product was also labeled to be specifically formulated for acne prone skin.  But for me, it does not seem to be effective in eliminating acne but it sure does help minimize oiliness on the face.

Human Heart Nature Balancing Face Toner

It is a struggle for me to find a toner that is not drying yet effective in minimizing oiliness on my face.  My derma initially prescribed an acne toner from them.  Though it does help in minimizing oiliness and appearance of acne on my face, it eventually seems drying.  Maybe the Tretinoin cream I use somehow affects the dryness of my face.  And so, my derma replaced it with a clarifying toner.  I find this just a cleanser, not really helping in keeping me shine free and pimple free.  So I tried Human Heart Nature Balancing Face Toner.  I have tried it before but I really didn't use it that long.  But now, after weeks of using it, I can see that my oiliness lessen.  I now seldom use my oil control sheet in keeping the shine away from my face.

Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Moisturizer

It is also a struggle for me to find the perfect moisturizer for acne and oily skin.  Before, I tried not to use a moisturizer as I don't want to make my face look shiny.  But then again, I know that moisturizer is essential in keeping my skin healthy.  Besides, I read that having a dry skin will just make your skin produce more oils to moisturize it.  I tried using water-based moisturizer such as Celeteque Dermo Science Facial Moisturizer.  It was ok but since I also experience drying out in some parts of my skin due to the Tretinoin cream I use, this moisturizer is not enough to give "moisture" on those dry areas.  My derma already prescribed me to use Cetaphil moisturizer but it was too expensive that's why I resorted to Celeteque as an alternative.  Because I wasn't too happy with Celeteque, I tried to use Cetaphil moisturizer.  From their website, they offer a lot of moisturizer but I chose the Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Moisturizer which is also formulated to be specifically for acne prone skin.  Since I still use Tretinoin cream at night from time to time, I needed a moisturizer that also serves as a sunblock or with SPF content.  This product is just perfect for it.  Initially, I thought this moisturizer is heavy due to its consistency similar to sunblock lotions.  But I was surprised that it was light and absorbs quickly by the skin.  I love how it does not make my face look oily or look liked I really applied a moisturizer immediately after using it.  Similar to the foam wash, I still can't seem to see its effect in minimizing or eliminating acne but it sure does help keep my face shine free.

Human Heart Nature Mineral Powder

I seldom apply make up.  I just put powder and lipstick then I'm good to go.  I find Human Heart Nature Mineral Powder helpful in keeping me shine free all day.  I already mentioned this in my previous blog.  And since I have acne prone skin, this powder does not give me breakouts even if I wasn't able to wash it off at night.  I've been a user of this products for almost 2 years already although I don't consistently use this but I always go back to this product.  And because of the different products I use to combat oiliness on my face, I need not to reapply Human Heart Nature Mineral Powder throughout the day.

So there, from cleanser to make up, I suggested these products for you to try if you have oily skin.  I'm just not sure if all of these products are available here in the Philippines especially those Cetaphil ones.  But if your budget permits, I highly recommend these products.  I don't have perfect skin now as pimples still appears on my face from time to time and I still have pimple marks but using these products have somehow keep my pimples at bay and lessen oiliness on my face.  Let me know if these are effective to you or maybe you can also share the products you use to help minimize oiliness of your face.


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