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Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: The Face Shop Color Control (CC) Cream

This is a long overdue post.  I acquire this product (directly from Korea) since August and its just now that I'm writing a review on it.  Well, here goes.

I really don't have any idea about CC cream or Color Control Cream before.  I previously tried BB cream and I liked it as it serves as a foundation, moisturizer, concealer and sunblock cream in one.  When CC cream came out, I initially don't get interested on it.  I was happy with my BB cream.  Through research, I learned that it will only make your skin looks flawless.  It also gives moisture to skin but it does not have any SPF.  Even with its moisturizing effect, some say that CC cream is also ideal for oily skin.  But unlike BB cream, it seems like it doesn't have much benefits.

Knowing the effects of CC cream, I somehow just wanted to try The Face Shop Color Control (CC) Cream, replacing my BB cream.  Well, I really stopped using BB cream months ago since it somehow makes my skin oily.  And besides, I already have separate moisturizers and sunblock ideal for my skin (you may refer to my blog about the products I use, here).  I chose The Face Shop's CC cream from other CC creams in the market as it is cheaper.  Although its price difference from Etude's CC cream is not that huge.

The Face Shop Color Color Cream has a unique opening.  Well, that's comparing to other creams, not necessarily the CC cream.  You need to lightly press down the sides of the jar as this will enable the liquid to pour out in the middle.  Hard pressing will instantly release more liquid.  The liquid is whitish in color but it sometimes have traces of natural or beige color. 

Upon first application of CC cream, my face seems to be all white because of its color.  But I read that it will gradually blend to your skin color, thus the name Color Control Cream.  Instantly, my face seems flawless, although it does not provide coverage on my pimple marks.  It just makes my pores look smaller.  The flawless look lasted the whole day, during office hours, based from my experience.  What's best, I didn't get any breakout after application.

I read that CC cream can be used as a base before applying make up.  Some even use CC cream first then BB cream then their usual make up like powder or foundation.  As for me, after CC cream, I just add cream blush and lipstick.  Sometimes I apply face powder too just to set the blush.

Overall, I like The Face Shop Color Control Cream.  If you're on a budget and would like to try CC cream, then you may want to try this.    

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