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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Willy's Beach Club Hotel: A Review

My friends and I wanted to have a very relaxing Boracay vacation: no water activities, just enjoying the sun, sand and sea.  As mentioned in my previous blog, this is my friends and I's first time in Boracay as a group.  We've been to other beaches all over the Philippines but never in one of the famous beach destination in the Philippines, Boracay.  I've also mentioned in my previous blog why this was a special trip.  One of which is our accommodation in station 1.

For many times I've been to Boracay, I've always stayed in station 2, where you can find budget but safe accommodation.  I've stayed in La Carmela, Tan's Guesthouse and Island Nook.  It doesn't matter to me before whether the resort is beach front or not.  My belief then was, who needs a fancy accommodation when most of the time you will stay outdoors in the powdery white sands of Boracay beach?  But my belief changed when I experience staying in station 1.

My friends' choice for an accommodation in station 1 was Two Seasons Resort.  A family room good for 7 pax cost about Php 5,000+ per person for 3 days, 2 nights stay.  This is quite expensive for me and my boyfriend that's why we backed out.  So my friends got the Two Seasons package good for 5 at Php 6,000 per person for 3 days and 2 nights care of Traveldotcom.  This includes buffet breakfast and transfers.

My budget for station 1 accommodation is Php 3k-4k per pax for 3 days and 2 nights stay.  I was eying for White House Boracay since it is beach front and with pool.  And I'm hoping to get a discount from my sister (if she'll be the one to book in my behalf) since she frequents in White House whenever her family stays in Boracay.  I inquired from Travel Online since I've searched that they are offering packages to Boracay inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner at an affordable rate.  Then I came across My Boracay Guide website where hotels are arranged per station and according to price.  That's where I checked Willy's Beach Club which can fit our budget.  My boyfriend told me that it doesn't matter whether our hotel have pool or not since there is the beach where we can swim even at night.

I've searched both My Boracay Guide and Willy's Beach Club Hotel website to check on their rates.  My travel period of Nov. 29 is considered as peak season in Willy's Beach website while it is still off peak season at My Boracay Guide website.  So I chose the latter to book for our accommodation.  Although it is my first time to book from My Boracay Guide and haven't read any feedback on their booking capability, I didn't feel any hesitations as their site has been existent for quite a while.  Besides, My Boracay Guide only requires 15% downpayment from the total amount due.  So it's quite cheap.  Full payment will be done in the hotel.  Also, their online chat facility makes it easy to communicate with them and you'll get instant answers to your queries.

I got the Deluxe Room at Php 2,850 per night from My Boracay Guide.  In Willy's Beach Club website, the rate on my travel date would be Php 5,010 per night.  Great savings!  I just wonder why their description of peak and non-peak are different.

Willy's Beach Club Hotel - Deluxe Room

Willy's Beach Club Hotel - Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room in Willly's Beach Club Hotel can accommodate up to 3 people.  But upon our arrival to our room, I was surprised that the room is very spacious.  It can even accommodate up to 5 pax, I think, but the hotel only allows up to 3 pax in this room.  The bed is queen size and the spacious room can add 2 single extra beds but again, only 1 extra bed is allowed.  The room has veranda although ours is perpendicular to another room which results to "sharing" of veranda.  The veranda have seats and tables good for two where you can lounge.  It also have clothes line where you can hang your clothes to dry.  But since our veranda seems to be "shared" with the other room, the clothes line available is only 1. 

Veranda at Willy's Beach Club Hotel

As described in both websites, our room have an ample air conditioning unit, mini bar, vanity dresser, cabinet, safe, cable TV, hot and cold shower and telephone.  Their shower/bathroom area is very clean and complete with toiletries, towels and glasses.  The queen size bed is clean and pleasant with decorative mini pillows.  The overall room is clean.  Wifi is available in the hotel however the signal gets weak once we entered our room. 
Sink and Toilet for Deluxe Room
Shower area for Deluxe Room

I forgot to mention that when we arrived at Willy's Beach Club, we were greeted with seashells necklace and a cool, refreshing drink.  The staff were friendly and accommodating during our whole stay.  We had minor problems with our TV when we got there as it won't open and the response from their staff is quick.  Their room key is attached to a beaded bracelet, a great idea so you won't loose your key.
Our welcome souvenirs from Willy's Beach Club Hotel
 Our accommodation includes buffet breakfast.  During 2 breakfast stay, the food served were different on both days.  It may not be a lot but sufficient to anyone's consumption.  They served a mix of Filipino and American dishes with fried rice, breads, jams, dried fish, bacon, eggs and many others.  The taste of the food is just normal, nothing extravagant but edible.  Again, the staff were very friendly.  We also tried eating at their restaurant during snack time where we tried their pasta and burger.  The pasta tastes good and the big burger was truly big enough good to be shared.

Fronting the hotel are monobloc loungers.  Free towels can also be acquired before you stay at the lounge.  Their staff can also assist you in setting up umbrellas once you decided to lounge.  We left some of our things in the loungers for quite some time while we swim and visit our friends in Two Seasons.  Luckily, our stuff didn't get lost.

The Loungers fronting the hotel

with Willy's Rock in my background
Overall, I enjoyed my stay with Willy's Beach Club Hotel.  The famous and picturesque Willy's Rock is just in front of this hotel so camwhore-ing is at its finest!  I would want to go back here the next time I visit Boracay again.  And oh, I'll change my belief.  I would want to stay always in station 1 because of its relaxing ambiance and beach front accommodations.  Though staying in station 1 will definitely need a good amount of money (in case you do not want to walk going to station 2 just to eat) since most of the restaurants here are quite expensive too, it doesn't matter as you will definitely enjoy the quiet, intimate ambiance offered by station 1 accommodations.

You may check this blog for my expenses on this Boracay trip.


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