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Friday, January 2, 2015

Review of My 2014

The year 2014 was a very memorable year for me.  A lot of surprising events happened to me in various aspects of my life: travel, career and personal life.  I won't go into details but I would like to name a few of those unforgettable events and share them with you. :)

My Passion

Of course writing/blogging is my passion but I noticed in my 2014 list of blog posts, I wasn't able to write much.  There were even times that I was not able to write anything for a month and if I did, it was only one post!  Yes, I was busy with work.  And maybe one reason is that blogger was blocked in our office so I wasn't able to access it a lot.  Another thing, I switched to an android smartphone.  Unfortunately, it cannot download blogger app and says it is not available in my country.  I wonder how could that be when I was able to download it with my iphone.  Anyway, because of my very few blog posts, I got so many backlogs!  There were a lot of travel blog post that I haven't finished or started yet which had happened way back 2013!  I hope to finish them soon before I already forget all the details on those trips.


Just last month, I have received a not so good news related to my day job.  But it is still a blessing because I still have work!  Although my working environment will be a little different this year, I'm still blessed because my job will be a more challenging one as I stepped a notch higher on my responsibilities.  I just hope I will be able to perform well on this new challenge.  I know I can! Good vibes!.
A quite related to my "other" career, which is really my passion, I am grateful on the last quarter of 2014 as I received a paid writing job.  Even if my posts were less last year, I am happy and pleased to have been invited to do a sponsored blog posts, not just once but four times!  It was indeed such a blessing!  I hope this year, I will be invited for more sponsored blogs on various niche.


A lot of first relating to travel happened to me last year, specifically for me and my fiance.  We went to Baguio, Dumaguete, Siquijor, Apo Island and Cebu (more blog about this trip soon).  Individually, we have previously visited Baguio and Cebu but last year was our first time to visit again those provinces together.  It was also my fiance's first trip with my family.  We also had the opportunity to stay in luxurious hotel in Makati for free!  This was at Raffles Hotel.  Unfortunately, I haven't blogged about it but I already had a review of this hotel in my Trip Advisor account.

This 2015, I might not be able to travel much as we are expecting a one of a kind event by last quarter.  So we need to save. :)

Personal Life

This would probably be the most memorable event and highlight of my 2014.  It is also because of this event where we decided to lessen our travel for 2015.  Last August 26, 2014, in one of my favorite beach in the Philippines, the Boracay, my boyfriend proposed!  To what I thought would just be the usual beach vacation, I didn't expect it to be the day where our lives will be changed.  I guess my fiance got inspired since my brother got married last June 2014.  I wasn't expecting that he will propose after our almost two and a half years of togetherness and on a place I love most, the beach.

Adding to my personal life, by end November of 2014, my fiance and I also engaged into a small business.  It is still a baby business but somehow it is quite doing well.  I hope it will continue to be successful by 2015 and on the succeeding years.

And lastly, I am thankful that my family is still strong and healthy similar to the previous years.  We are still intact and love is overflowing among us.  Whatever challenges we face as a family, I am glad that we are always together in facing them.

With so many things happened to me last 2014, the proposal was, I believe, the highlight of my year.  Even if there were some not so good events in my life last year, the proposal event overcomes those bad vibes.  Nevertheless, I am thankful for all the blessings, the love and everything that happened to me.  I am now ready to face what 2015 has to offer for me and I am also looking forward to another chapter with my fiance this year.  I am so excited! 

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