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Friday, April 8, 2016

Same Day Edit (SDE) From Daryl John Santos Photography

I was very busy last year that I wasn't able to post and update my blog much.  It is simply because I got married late last year.

I just want to share with you my SDE or Same Day Edit done by my videographer, Daryl John Santos.

If you enjoyed or liked our SDE and is getting married soon, I recommend Daryl John Santos.  He and his team, together with my photographer, Efjay De Leon, is very easy to deal with.  They're young and full of fresh ideas.  You will never get bored working with them.  The photos and videos they took always made us teary eyed everytime we viewed it.  It simply means that they were able to capture those special moments during a special event in our lives.

Follow and check their FB page for details.

Daryl John Santos (videographer) -

Efjay De Leon (photographer) - 

I'll try to blog more about my wedding suppliers soon :)  Happy preps to all soon to be brides!

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