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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All Concerts Should be Held in Araneta Coliseum

And nothing else.  Well, I haven't seen concerts in SM MOA concert grounds and SMX Convention Center but in my opinion, these two are not the best choice for concerts to be held.  Why?  Simply because their offer is not as convenient as that of Araneta Coliseum.  Let me state my 2 basic points:

1.  From side view, the seating arrangement of the venue in Araneta Coliseum is slope type.  So even if you're on the farthest area, you can still get a nice view of the performers even if they seem to be very  tiny people.  When I say performers, this includes the drummer (if it is a band) which is often situated at the back of the stage.  You can see what they're all doing.
2.  You get what you pay for if you're in Araneta.  That is, to get a good seat.  In Araneta, you can choose your choice of seat upon purchase of ticket up to the Lower Box Area.  That is about up to 2 or 3 levels starting from the ground.  You don't need to rush to the venue and line up to get a nice seat on a first come first serve scheme since you already paid for your chosen seat.  All you have to do is be at the venue at about 10-15 minutes before the show.

I have tried watching concerts in open fields and it wasn't good as well, especially if you're in the farthest area.  You're only chance to see what the performers are doing is through the wide screen or projector they're providing.  It is like just watching them on TV.

My rant came about when I learned that the 2nd expensive concert ticket price of Maroon 5 is just a free seating.  This is going to be held at SMX Convention Center.  Imagine, 2nd expensive and yet it can still be inconvenient for you especially if you still need to fall in line just to get a good seat?  What's more, the ticket is considered as "Gold" ticket but the treatment wouldn't be "royalty".  I'm really really pissed!  I also heard that the Justin Bieber concert initially have reserved seating for Gold tickets only but later on the organizers decided that the silver ticket holders shall also have reserved seating.  This is to be held at SM MOA concert grounds.

I can't understand why they can't provide reserved seating to those expensive tickets.  Can't they be a little bit considerate to those who paid a lot for the concert?  I was happy that now I can afford to be near the front seat for Maroon 5's concert with its price almost half than their previous concert here.  But if it isn't going to be reserved seating, I'm having second thoughts of buying it.  My major reason is that, the concert date falls on a Monday.  I will be coming from work in Makati.  I cannot tell how bad the traffic can be from Makati to SM MOA.  If I leave at 5:00pm in Makati, the latest time that I will be arriving MOA will be 7:00pm.  Concert starts at 8pm.  Do you think I can still get a nice seat if I arrived late?

I'm really really pissed.


  1. Visiting from GT. Di ako mahilig sa concert pero I got your point here. :)

  2. hi sis, esor here from GT.

    If free seating yan,and you'll be there around 7pm na, possible na you won't get nice seat na. Kasi for sure maaga pa lang nakapila na yung iba. I remember last Paramore's Concert at MOA (concert ground), though standing naman nun, 5pm pa lang ang haba na ng pila.

  3. I agree with your rant. :( I had the chance to watch Timbaland & Justin Timberlake's concert that was held in the MOA grounds and the venue was not good. There were no seats (standing room only) which was such a disadvantage for someone as petite as me. If the tickets were not free then I would have complained because the price was not worth it.

    There should be reserved seating because what is the point of buying an expensive ticket so early when you have to fall in line early during the concert just to to get a good seat. :( If I were in your situation, I would be really pissed to pay such an expensive ticket without the guarantee of a good seat.

    I hope that the organizers will change their minds and at least have reserved seating.

  4. I agree completely. All concerts should be held in Araneta. I think it's a big waste of money if you're going to watch it in MOA grounds. Wala ka ng makita when you're in the P600 area heheh! wala ng seat, and you're either standing in mud or dirt.

  5. Onga naman. Sa presyo ng ticket na yan, ano ba naman ang mag-provide ng monobloc chair?

  6. thank you sisses for sharing the rant with me. i just hope the organizers will change their mind and make it reserved seating as well.

  7. I totally agree with you. SMX and MOA concert grounds are only okay if you're holding a VIP ticket.

    Araneta and Ultra are the perfect venues for concerts.

  8. I totally agree. Super kumita ang SM if you ask me. The first and the last time I ever watched was the Davids concert in the grounds. I never wanted to go to a concert when it's in the grounds again.

    But with the chairs, I think there's a point in not providing seats. It's because most of us, (Filipino attitude) STAND on the chairs to get a better view, and when all those who have chairs do this, those who don't have which are in the farthest areas will see nothing at all but the big screens. I had this experience many times now. So there's an advantage too for the lack of chairs. But yeah, I get the point that those who pay really good money should have seats at least. Even I would request that.

    Thanks for the post! You speak for a lot of people! :)

  9. ^thanks sis, for the comment. Business minded talaga ang SM. Biruin mo pati selling ng concert tickets pinasok na rin nila.

  10. Love the point here! True, hindi pa secured at safe venue ng smx, andmi nwawalan pgkatapos ng concert.. madaming nakakapuslit! can i ask a question lang po bka pwede pasagot kung ok lang.. kung ang ticket mo sa araneta is vip or patron and my sloteed seat n dun s ticket, my seat nymber ka na, do you need to make pila pa ba at an early time? kc my seat number na? thanks!

  11. ^ah talaga? buti di ako nanakawan when i watched Maroon 5 at SMX. regarding your question, you don't need to fall in line when you already have reserved seating. you can even come right on time. in case there are people occupying your seat, there are marshalls around who can assist you.

  12. Just want to clarify, reserved seating at araneta is only up to Upper Box A, upper box B and Gen admission are on a first come first serve basis.

  13. nope, upper box b premium at araneta is also for reserved seating. upper box b regular and gen admission is free seating.

  14. ^thanks for these clarifications.

  15. me and my kids are planning to watch disney on ice in araneta...
    which would you suggest? seats on the upper box B or the general admission? can't afford other seat location... i'm just afraid that the view on upper box B will be almost the same as in the general admission.

    1. hi, upper box B is quite far already but it still has several rows before you reach the farthest row nearing general admission. i believe upper box B is free seating? so i suggest be early so you could still occupy the first row seats of upper box B.


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