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Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday lunch

It is a practice to most Catholic Filipino to avoid eating meat on a Friday during Lenten Season.  This is part of the sacrifice one can make if they cannot do fasting.  I honestly can say that I have not been practicing this type of abstinence during the Lenten Season.  I always forget that meat should be avoided on a Friday.  And so this time, last Friday of Lent, I especially ensure that I will avoid eating meat.  I prepared this baked fish for our lunch today.  I got this recipe from

Baked fish with Cream Cheese and Mayo

1. season fish with salt and pepper.
2. fry fish, half cooked. put in paper towels to drain excess oil. set aside.
3. saute mixed veggies (corn, peas and carrots - yung frozen pack) in same oil. set aside.
4. mix softened cream cheese, mayonnaise and grated garlic (or minced garlic).
5. place fish and mixed veggies in baking dish.
6. spread the cream cheese/mayo mixture on top (and bottom) of fish.
7. bake for 10mins or until the top portion turns into light brown.



  1. yummy! thanks for sharing this recipe.. ill try this tonight.hehe.. i almost forgot, no meat pala today..hehe.. keep posting.. godbless

  2. ^thank you sis! :) my meryenda naman kanina was spaghetti with tomato and cheese :) i'll post the recipe in a while.

  3. Looks so yummy! :)

  4. I love Home Cooking Rocks! Dami ko nang na-try na recipes from her site. We always refer to it if we feel like experimenting with some new dishes at home. :) Hmmm, ma-try nga itong Baked Fish next time.

  5. ^talaga? ayan pa lang ang na-try ko sa site na yun. thanks for posting!


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