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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Longchamp and Cath Kidston Bags

These are the new brands in my bag collection.  What's special about these bags is that they all came from my own pocket!  And they cost about Php 3,500 and up!  Yes, I do have other branded / designer bags but they all came from my siblings.  For the love of bags, I normally just buy any brand, mostly locally made.  My favorites (I've got more than 10 bags/accessories from them) are bags from Fab Manila.  And the most expensive bag I bought does not exceed Php 1,000.  Even the Girbaud bag I had was less than that amount (I had it on sale)!  Now I've changed.  I want more designer bags.

When my sister was flying to Paris last year, I had second thoughts in asking her to buy me a Longchamp bag.  I don't understand why girls are raving about it, even my sister loves it so much.  So out of curiosity, I asked her to buy me a limited edition Eiffel Tower Le Pliage medium short handle.  This isn't really my first choice but this is the only one available.

Le Pliage Eiffel Tower, Php 3,500 (converted to Peso)

I fell in love with the bag when I first saw it.  It's so spacious yet not bulky.  The short handle is quite off for the size.  Being spacious, I tend to put on a lot of stuff and it gets a little heavy for me to hand carry or carry it in my arms.  And so I decided to buy another one, this time long handle.  Since I had plans of going to Hong Kong at that time, that was my target: buying another Longchamp bag.  I'm choosing between Abre de Vie and Planetes.  The latter is quite cheaper and my friend told me that I already have a Le Pliage and so I bought Red Planetes small long handle.  I so love this bag! The size is just right.  It is still spacious and sophisticated looking.  I love carrying it on my shoulders.

Red Planetes, Php 5,300 (converted to Peso)

So its summer.  I still want that Abre de Vie white or the LM metal in white of Longchamp.  For some reason, I got attracted to white bags.  Then my sister introduced me to Cath Kidston.  Oh my! They're the perfect bags for summer!  Reading reviews and comments from the ever reliable Girltalk, I become eager in getting a Cath Kidston bag for myself.  Alas, last Tuesday, my sister and I ordered 2 Day Bags in Briar Rose, white and blue.  Of course the white one is for me.

Day Bag in Briar Rose (Stone), Php 3,800 (sale price)

I only get to see my Cath Kidston bag yesterday since it was delivered in my sister's house.  Upon seeing it, OMG! I so love it!  It is so summery!  I immediately transferred my stuff and used it right away.  I thought the Day Bag will be the same size as my Eiffel but it's a bit smaller.  I love it.  I'm not a fan of big bags, really.  It is spacious and looks sturdy.  The handle can be used for shoulder or hand carry.  It's perfect.  I can put my 10" netbook there.

Of these 3 bags, only the Cath Kidston was bought here in the Philippines.  Nowadays, its hard to identify authentic Longchamp bags here as they are everywhere!  I thought Cath Kidston will have no fakes or knock offs but I was wrong.  I already saw an imitation of Cath Kidston bags in facebook.  Same material, same floral design but without the Cath Kidston tag.  They're only selling it for just Php 449.  I also read somewhere that S&R is selling this bag but a fake one.  Sad to say the price is about $1,000+  So before you buy online or anywhere for that matter, better be careful and double check its authenticity.

I'm still eyeing another Longchamp, still the white bags I mentioned, but I'm still thinking about it.  I also like the Herve Chapelier.  I'm still pursuing my sister to give her Herve Chapelier to me as the bag is too small for her :)

Maybe in the future, I'll target to save money to buy on other famous designer bags like LV, Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga and many others.  Hmmm... Wishful thinking...


  1. hi! i also love longchamps and i used to collect it but decided to sell some eventually. i only keep 2 le pliage now. :)

    may i ask the contact details from where you bought your cath kidston bag? i also would love to own one but doesn't know any reliable seller in PH. thanks in advance!

  2. hi sis! you may check out this site for cath kidston bags: upon checking, her bags are authentic naman with tags pa :)

  3. thank you so much for the reply. Have a great day!

  4. I love the Red Planetes :D the color is so yummy! :D

  5. thanks sis. it's very elegant looking ;)

  6. I agree with Chew on This :)

    the Red Planetes is really pretty! Simply exquisite :))

  7. omg, i love your Cath Kidston bag!

  8. try the shopper bags are better than the day bags.

  9. Hi! Can I know how long is the handle for the cath kidston bag? Thanks!

  10. Hi Nurian! the handle of cath kidston bag is just short. as you can see from the picture, its handle is similar to longchamp short handle.

  11. Wow, Love your bag collection! So classy and adorable.


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