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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Sale of SM

I find it funny when SM stores decided to held a Thanksgiving Sale across all their stores and their exclusive brands.  Simply because we, Filipinos, normally don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Philippines.  Besides, I know owners of SM are not even Americans (no offense meant to whatever it may imply).  Anyway, it seems like the Thanksgiving Sale of SM worked.  I read a lot about it on Facebook and some blogs.  So I'm sharing mine too.

I don't have plans of buying anything at SM's Thanksgiving Sale.  I just accompanied my sister when she was looking for a nice blouse to wear for an event she'll be attending this Sunday.  We roam around the stores of Glorietta and SM Makati.  Our last stop was Forever 21 in SM Makati.  On both malls, my sister didn't find anything she liked.  Although she has a few choices from Plains and Prints in Glorietta and in Forever 21, but still she didn't buy it.  So it turned out, I was the one who did the shopping mainly in Forever 21.  Here's a picture of what I bought.

Basically all these clothes have a purpose when I decided to buy them.  Let's start with the floral skirts.  I've been seeing these in Forever 21 for the longest time.  Maybe its not so hard selling that's why this time, they made it "2 for Php 525" promo.  I only need 1 skirt but since its on super sale, I bought 2.  Original price of each skirt is Php 405.  So I save about 60%.  I have an event to attend to that requires a business attire outfit.  I don't want to look too business like and so I thought this floral skirt will work.  I just need to pair it with a nice plain top and a blazer maybe.

On our group's Christmas Party, the theme is metallic and it will be held in a bar.  So the outfit should somehow be clubbing type.  I only have 2 clothes that is somewhat metallic in my closet but I am not convinced to wear them on that party.  Thus, I bought the orange racer back top with silver metallic hints.  There's only 2 colors available, orange and yellow.  I chose the orange one since the yellow seems untidy looking (no offense to those who bought the yellow one).  Then I further browse through more racks and found the Buy 1 Take 1 promo.  I found the printed orange skirt with belt.  I checked out other clothes to grab that Buy 1 Take 1 opportunity but unfortunately, there are no longer nice clothes that catches my attention and that will fit my size.  So I just got the orange skirt at 50% off.  Original price was Php 915.

I'm happy with my purchases even if it's not on my budget list.  And somehow, I still get to wear these even after the events that I'll be attending.  And of course, I spent only about Php 300+ for each item.  Cheap isn't it?        


  1. I missed this sale! Sayang pati pala Forever 21.
    Inviting you to join BC Bloggers. :)

  2. sis, you can still catch the buy 1 take 1 sale of forever 21 until today :)


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