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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Being an Online Seller

I've been an online seller for several years already, selling pre-loved items, Victoria's Secret products, US clothing, etc.  Mostly I'm selling at multiply and ebay.  For all these years, I've experienced a lot as a seller.  Below are just the Ups and Downs I've experienced as an online seller.  I'll start with the positive side.

The UPs
Understanding seller
Personally, I know I'm an understanding person.  I understand everyone's need, preference and situation.  As a seller, there are buyers who pays late.  When they inform me of those delay payments, I understand their situation.  I don't give them specific date to settle payment after they inform me of the delay.  They're the one's who give date of payment.  It is sometimes a good feeling when your buyers sent you feedback that you're understanding.

Accommodating seller
There are also buyers who prefer other mode of payments other than what I've specified.  If it's not hassle on my part, then I gave it to their preference.  And of course, just like any buying-selling scheme, you will expect buyers to haggle.  I accept haggling as long as it is reasonable.  If the items they're trying to haggle are those pre-loved items, I often gave in as it is already a used item.  Besides, most of the items I'm selling have a very little capital so there's no really big loss on my part.

From Buyer to Acquaintance to Friendship
Since I've build up my reputation as a seller, I have some repeat customers.  Some of which have eventually become my friends.  When a certain customer is also a buyer, we exchange items or swap whatever items available on our shop.  Selling online is also a way of widening your network.

Extra income
Of course one major benefit in selling online is getting an extra income out of it, most especially if it's just a sideline job, similar to my store.  I sell items whatever I feel like to.  My siblings sometimes uses my account for them to sell their merchandise.  For pre-loved items, there are people who really believes in the saying, there is gold in other people's trash.  Well, I hope they find gold in some of my items.

The DOWN's
Joy bidder / Bogus buyers
As a seller, you really can't get away from those bogus buyers and joy bidders.  In my case, most of my experience were joy bidders.  Well, they're not really joy bidders but most of the time they still contact me just to say they will no longer be getting the item.  The most common reason I heard from these joy bidders are they got hospitalized or they have been sick for the longest time.  Out of pity, of course you will no longer force him/her to pay you.  I think its much better to just be honest and say that they don't have money.  But then again, why bid if you don't have money, right?  Whatever their reason are, whether true or not, I just let karma take its course.

Too long reservation
In addition to not paying after bidding, it is also frustrating when a buyer reserves the item for the longest time then later on decided not to get it where in fact there is another buyer interested with your item but you can't give it out due to prior reservation made.  By the time the reservation was lifted, the second buyer is no longer interested with your item.  It is like a double whammy.  You are at lost in both situations.

Increasing clutter
My room is already full of unsold items.  This is most especially when my siblings decided to sell their stuff through my online shop.  They stock their items in my room!  Since I am also busy at work, I don't have that luxury of time to immediately post their items online.  That is when my room gets cluttered.

Patience is a virtue
As a seller, you will encounter different types of people.  Whatever their needs are, concerns, inquiries, etc.  you have to be patient with it.  Once they find you unaccommodating or unfriendly, it turns them off and you lose a potential buyer.  I should know as I am also a buyer myself.  When you accommodate a customer's request, that's when you experience abusive customers.  This is where your patience is tested.  That is why you should not be stubborn and learn to lengthen your patience.

Don't get me wrong.  There maybe downside in selling but I still enjoy it.  There were some who compliments me that I am a good seller (but my line of work isn't in sales, it's the other way around).  Besides, whenever I'm selling online, I also get to "window" shop online.  That's multi-tasking!   There maybe other ups and downs on being an online seller.  Do you have one to share?


  1. i'm an online seller too and i so agree with your points. you have to have a lot of patience to deal with those joy bidders

  2. yup sis. your patience will really be tested on those joy bidders. hay..


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