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Friday, November 25, 2011

Why I Love Being Single

You get to attend a single's party!
I was one of the lucky cosmo chick who got invited by to their 2nd Singles' Bash this year.  I never expected to won since I just got back to cosmo website just a week ago.  Still I joined their contest by clicking the singles bash logo.  Luckily, the winners to score a special invite to the party was drawn by an electronic raffle.  And so I got in!  When you're single, you wouldn't hesitate to join similar contest.  And you wouldn't hesitate to party all night!

You get to mingle with and meet other single women 
Well, of course you can meet and mingle with any woman whatever your relationship status is.  But being single may be a little different.  Different being you get to share same interest in attending a singles party.  And of course what do you expect from a singles party? Meet men!  I get to meet new single friends namely: Elaine, Tricia, Florence, Verlyn, sis of Verlyn, Reg and friend of Reg.  Sorry I forgot the two names.  I'm so glad I met them.  They all have their cameras! I no longer need to bring out mine.  I hope they get to tag me on facebook with pictures.  With these new found friends, we also decided to meet up again real soon.

Of course, you get to meet MEN!!
Most of the men at the singles bash were from Cosmo's hot hunks.  I get to meet some of them and take pictures with them.  I also had a handful small chit chat with a few of them.  I can't recall all their names but there are really a lot!  Maybe after I get a copy of some pictures from the official photographer and from my new friends' camera, I'll post it here and try to identify them via cosmo's website.  And oh, by the way, not only chat and picture taking, I also get to dance with them!

There is no curfew nor obligation
The supposedly 7pm party started at about 9pm already and it ended at around 11pm.  But we get to stay a little past midnight.  If the party falls on a weekend, I'll surely stay a little longer.  Luckily, my new found friends also doesn't have a curfew (except for some) that's why we still stayed at 7th High even after the party.  There were still a few cosmo people and hunks at the venue and we danced with them.  I also had a few drinks which luckily didn't made me turn red, which normally happens to me when I drink alcohol.

I'm really glad I was able to attend this party after a little hesitation of going because my companion suddenly couldn't make it.  Even though I had a little nerve-wracking experience with the cab driver along the way, I can say I truly enjoyed the night.  It is my first time to attend a Singles' Party and it is my first time to attend it all by myself.  I'm happy to say that I made it and I really love being single :)  But I hope it won't be forever (the being single that is) ;)


  1. I need this. Echos! :D It's nice to be single, di ba? :)

  2. yup. single by choice and lovin' it! :)


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