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Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Apple Apps

In relation to my previous blog, here's an addition to my favorite apps with my iPod Touch.

Karaoke Anywhere
Since I'm a frustrated singer, I find this app fun!  The only down side is that I need to be online via wifi so I could access and sing to there songs.  And oh, by the way, some songs are quite old.  I can't relate! Haha!  Screenshot below shows the karaoke screen and some songs.

Night Cam
Remember the Night Cam app I've mentioned last time?  Well, below are just some sample pictures taken at night.  It really is a night camera!  It can take nice shot at night with very minimal light.

I am proud of this app as it is made by a Filipino!  As what the name implies, you can send text messages to any mobile number.  In case you run out of load, you can utilize this app to send text messages to your loved ones.  However, this only works with a wifi connection.  Also, in case you haven't updated your iOS to its latest version (iOS 5) which has iMessage, then this can be an alternative.  Although iMessage works like Facetime where you can text or chat with anyone using their email address.

I've tried this app and sent text messages to myself and to my sister.  It is real time and messages are sent instantly.  Although the sender that will appear in your recipient's mobile will be coming from various numbers.  They cannot reply to it, nor you will not receive any text messages from then with your iPod with this app.  They can just reply to your ordinary mobile number.

Pocket Monet
For the love of photography, I've downloaded this app which depicts any photo into a painting art work.  Below is a sample picture.

Wow Camera
This is another photography app that I like.  It has a lot of available effects just like the one below.  Picture below is under Sketch effect.  What i love about it is that it still captures a color in the sketch drawing.  Unlike in the Sketch app, the sketches are all black.  You will need to add other effects to have a color.  But here, the drawing itself has a color.

A+ Signature Lite
I am enjoying this app!  You can write notes, watermark, labels and many more in your picture.  It is like personalizing your own picture and copy writing it.  It also recognizes your own handwriting, similar to the upper left write up written in the picture below.  It was written using just fingers, not stylus.  Another wonderful thing about this app is that you can also edit your pictures.

That's all for now.  I hope you, readers, can also share your favorite apps in your Apple device.

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