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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Sale Finds

Last week, I pass by Giordano as they have a huge tarpaulin of "SALE" on their window display.  I really didn't expect to buy anything there since I know it will still be a bit expensive even if their items are on sale.  But I was really looking for black pants that I will wear on our company's Christmas party.  Unfortunately, the pants I plan to wear was burned by our maid when she was ironing it.  So I am really in search for black pants.  I already have this style on my mind on what I will be wearing on our Christmas party.  I must really look for black pants.

When I came inside the Giordano store, there was a black jeans available.  I thought maybe this jeans will suffice but I prefer black pants so I could still use it as office wear.  Nevertheless, I tried it on along with a gray pants/jeggings (which doesn't really look like jeggings except for its design on the waist that is similar to jeans).  I tried both on and it fits me well.  I'm having second thoughts of buying both as I am really in search for just pants and not jeans.  But the price is really attractive.  And so I decided to buy them both.  I think its really pretty cheap for a pants considering its an international brand.  Guess how much I paid for each pants?  A very cheap Php 350 pesos!

gray jeggings with silver lining

closer view of the jeggings

black jeans without pockets and garterized waist

closer view of the black jeans

I'm not sure until when will the sale be at Giordano.  But if you have time, you might just spot a very cheap item such as these.  A really great sale find!


  1. Hello, just dropping by to ask which branch was this, if you don't mind? Thanks! :)

  2. Hi Kristel, thanks for dropping by. I bought these at Giordano in Glorietta. Unfortunately, when I visited the store yesterday, there's no more similar pants on sale.

  3. Awww, too bad. But thanks for sharing though. :)


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