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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Sale Finds, Again

I remember passing by Mango this week with its exclusive sale.  But I totally forgot it until I pass by there again awhile ago.  Without any hesitations, I entered the store even though I really don't have plans of buying anything.  I just wanted to look if the sale is really cheap.  Well, I guess it does.  I am not able to browse much since I was with my dad.  I didn't want him to wait for me for so long.  But anyway, Below are the (only) clothes I bought after trying out a few pieces.

I always look for jeans or pants at Mango.  It fits me well and I find their style appealing.  I recall the jeans I bought years ago at Php 990 only.  So I'm hoping to see another jeans or pants with the same price.  Unfortunately, most of their jeans already cost more than Php 1,000.  Not so bargain for me, haha! But they have other bottoms which cost about Php 890 to Php 990, though mostly are capri or cropped pants.  I was just in luck to find this chocolate brown pants, which I think is great for office wear.  The style is slim fit.  So slim that it really hugged my legs which I find quite difficult to bend my knees.  But it's ok, I can still move comfortably.  Original price was at Php 1,250.  I bought it at Php 990.  Not bad.

slim fit trousers

closer view
Another item that catches my attention was this simple tank top.  Even though my favorite color is blue, I'm hoping to have a white or red tank top but I couldn't find any, for the same style.  The strap of this tank top is not so thin and the depth in front is same at the back.  For me, it is not really a sale find since its just a tank top.  Original price is Php 595.  I bought it at Php 390.  Still quite expensive.

stretch tank top, front

stretch tank top, back

I might go back at Mango again next week.  Just to check again if there's anything that will catch my attention :)

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