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Friday, December 30, 2011

Manila Girl

Starting January 2, 2012, I will also held office in Manila.  I was quite dismayed when my boss told me that I will be assigned in our subsidiary with office in Manila.  There are days that I will be working in Manila and Makati.  Yes, I grew up in Manila and studied my nursery up to college in Manila schools.  But this part of Manila is very close to Makati.  All my life, I let everything accessible to me.  Farthest was only 45 minutes away from my home by commute which already includes traffic and waiting time.

Recently, I tried commuting from Manila office to our home in the south.  Since it's holiday season, there's not much vehicles on the street.  This made my commuting a breeze.  Summing up my commuting experience, it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive home.  Quite short travel to my surprise but that wasn't an ordinary day.  I expect it to be about 2 hours of travel time as soon as school and work day starts.  And yes, by January 2, I will be traveling from home directly to Manila, not in Makati.  Everything will start on January 2: school and work.  So I should be expecting a very heavy traffic and large amount of commuters.

Thinking about my situation next year, I am getting disheartened.  First and foremost, my only means of transportation by commute is by jeep and LRT.  I could just imagine the pollution that I will be getting with my hair still damp from home to the office while riding the jeep.  Good thing, LRT is already air conditioned.  I wouldn't look too much haggard when I arrive at the office.  But I could still imagine the number of people lining and queuing up just to get to the train of LRT.  It will definitely be quite stressful, so early in the morning.  Just so you know, when I am commuting from home to Makati office, I'm riding the shuttle/fx with terminal just outside our village so I still look fresh when I get to the office.  And sometimes, my dad drop me off in the office which is much more convenient.  I cannot ask my dad to drop me off to Manila office now as it is really far.  With constant gasoline hike, and it never comes down, I wouldn't want to spend too much on the gas alone with constant fetching and sending to Manila office.  Besides, he also give up on me and told me to just ride the LRT instead.  My only way to not get too stressful every morning is to leave the house very early so that I won't line up in riding the jeep and train.  I hope I can do that.

To all the commuters, I'm just wondering, how do you maintain to look fresh in the morning as you arrive in the office if you're just commuting?  Your experiences might be helpful to me.  Thanks in advance!


  1. I'm a true blue commuter. When I was in college, I'd walk to the jeep terminal and line up at LRT1. Since my classes were mostly at 8am, I'd always hurriedly ride the train even if it's already sardine-like inside. It's really hard to stay fresh and look good after all the raucous though. I guess we can't do anything to stay fresh in the morning, but we can always freshen up in the office's washroom.. ^^

    Btw, I hope you're not having a lot of hard time commuting these days.

  2. hi sis! i only go to Manila office twice a week. Well, so far so good but there's this one time when I had difficulty in riding jeep as the drivers are cutting their trips. I had no choice but to ride it and just asked my dad to fetch me somewhere almost near our village. that was Tuesday when it rained hard.


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