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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Sale Finds @ Mango

Mango has been one of my favorite shops.  I always check them out especially if they are on sale.  I think Mango's sale started 2nd week of June.  During that time, I checked both branches in Ayala Malls, Greenbelt and Glorietta.  There are more lovely dresses (and new styles) in Greenbelt than in Glorietta.  There were 2 dresses that I like (less thank 1k each) but I didn't buy them since I also wanted to check Glorietta branch before I decide to buy.  Unfortunately, when I returned to Greenbelt branch, the dresses were already sold.  The only item I bought at that time was their wallet which cost me about 900.

I like this wallet so much since I improvised its main function.  I added a strap on its zipper to make it a wristlet.  Since it is spacious, I decided to put in my cellphones in the 2 compartments.  This gets so handy that I no longer need to bring 2 items: a wallet and a small pouches for cellphones every time I go out on a very short trip.

I went back to Mango today thinking that they will further reduce their price.  Besides, I've been hearing other brands such as Zara, Promod, etc. are having their (end of season?) sale.  And I know for a fact, that its always in July where most of these brands held their sale.  So I was correct, Mango indeed reduced their price.  Their window display says: up to 70% off from their previous sale of 50%.  So here are the clothes I bought.

Straight cut pants.  I never fail to buy pants in Mango during sale. Most of the pants/jeans I bought cost less than Php 1,000. So this one I bought is much cheaper. Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 795. Further reduced price: Php 695. That's more than 50% off!

Sleeveless blouse. This is a very simple sleeveless blouse, available in white and peach color. I almost bought those two available colors! Original price: Php 1,450. Sale price: Php 695. Further reduced price: Php 395.  That's more than 70% off!

Short sleeves polo. I haven't bought any polo from Mango before because I find it still expensive even if its on sale. This time, I grabbed this polo for a very affordable price! What I love about this is that the sleeves have an adjustable arm hole which is perfect for my thin arms. Original price: Php 1,950. Sale price: Php 995. Further reduced price: Php 595.  That's 70% off!

Their shorts and mini skirts were also on a further reduced price sale.  I'm thinking of going back to check on these.


  1. whoaaa lovely finds! love that wallet!!!

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  3. Ooo really like the wallet!

  4. thanks! :) i think Mango is still on sale up to this date.


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