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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boots: To Buy or Not To Buy

Even if wearing boots has become a fashion trend here in the Philippines, I still am not eager to have one for myself.  Well, not exactly.  I own one, a faux leather ankle boots which I bought 3 or 4 years ago.  But I only got to wear it once.  I still feel awkward wearing it.  Maybe because my perception for boots is worn only during cold weather and Philippines is not one.  Yeah it can get chilly on the "ber" months until February but still it is a humid country.  No offense to those who love boots.  This is just me.

But now, I'm having second thoughts of owning another boots for myself.  My reason, I have two upcoming out of the country trips this month and they say the weather is cold.  Browsing through my shoes, I only have rubber shoes that can cover my whole feet.  I don't feel like wearing it as part of my outfit or get up.  I also have closed shoes like ballet flats but only my toes are covered.  It will be "unpleasant" sight if I wore socks with my ballet flats.  That is when I thought of getting boots just for this trip.  Yes, just for this trip.  Wouldn't that be expensive?  I mean I'll be only wearing it for this trip and for sure I don't have plans of travelling to a colder country anytime soon.  Now that's my dilemma, whether or not to buy boots.

Right now, I'm in search for cheapest boots I can find over the internet.  I have browsed through the malls and department stores and the cheapest I can find cost Php 2,000.  That's still expensive for me! Haha!  My budget is only Php 1,000 max.  Well, I can stretch my budget up to Php 1,500 but I prefer not too.  I'm even considering a slightly used boots! Haha!  Can anyone help?  I prefer a mid-calf length boots and suede material.  But whatever you may offer, I would gladly check it out.

I hope someone can reply soon as my trip is already next week!



  1. I think forever 21 sells boots, I don't know for how much though. you might want to look at it.

  2. ^thanks sis. right now they're not on sale, so its kinda expensive pa. above 2k, i think.


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