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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boots... after 2 days

Remember my blog post about boots, whether or not should I buy? Well, in just 2 days, I was able to buy one!  I'm really worried on how to protect my feet during my trip so I searched for shoes that can do just that, eliminating the sneakers/rubber shoes section.  I've chosen about 4 shoes but they don't seem to be worn with socks.  So when I was about to go home, I passed by Naf Naf in Cinderella Glorietta.  There's this one boots that caught my attention.  Unfortunately, they don't have my size but the SA convince me to try on their boots that is 2 inches bigger than my shoe size since their sizing is really small.  To my amazement, the size 9 boots fits perfectly!  I fell in love with it.  I took pictures and send it to my sister for her "approval".  And I even waited for my friend for her to see it and get her opinion.  Gladly, they both liked it and convinced me that it's already cheap.  With a few walks to see if I'll hurt my toes (fortunately not!), without hesitation, I bought it!  The price? Only Php 1,249 from the original price of Php 2,498!

I just used a cam phone so forgive me if the photo was too bright...

I am pretty much satisfied with my boots.  All the stuff that I'm looking for is here.  You can even wear it in two ways!  Love it! I'm now ready to travel!


  1. Nice pair. Where is your vacay sis? Happy trip! :)

  2. I didn't know before that NafNaf sell boots :) They look really good sis. I just hope they weren't so flat. And it's great that you got a good bargain :) very practical.

  3. thanks sisses! :)

    @mrs. kolca - i'll be in taipei this weekend and hk the week after :D

    @chew on this - yeah, super bargain! the flat is ok, i just hope it can be sturdy enough on long walks...

  4. Pretty! I want to buy boots too kaso need muna iplan yun pag gagamitan ng boots bago bilhin haha

  5. hehe. naku sis, ngayon yang boots ko naka-imbak na lang. pero gamit na gamit ko naman sa taipei at hk. buti di ako napabili ng another boots sa taipei kahit 188twd or less than 300pesos lang..


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