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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Almost Free Meal

The best things in life are free.  But the second best thing is getting an item on sale or at a discounted price.  I was able to eat at Italianni's in Glorietta with a friend at half the price.  Since we are on a slightly tight budget, so we only ordered for a Tropicale pizza which cost Php 450 and no drinks, just water.  It already has 8 slices.  Divided to just the two of us will be enough for a snack.  Well, I think that was already my dinner.  4 slices each of pizza plus free servings of bread can really make your tummy full.  And how much did we pay?  Only Php 216!  It already includes the taxes and service charge.  So cheap isn't it?  Glad to have that coupon!  Unfortunately, only 1 coupon per transaction is allowed.  Since we used my friend's coupon to avail the discount, I can get to keep mine.  We'll be using it again maybe soon.  Good thing the coupon doesn't have any expiry ;)


  1. There used to be an Italianni's in Megamall Bldg A. And they offered a lunch buffet costing P300 per head. I miss that buffet. No other Italianni's I know offers that :( that was a really good deal... pizza, pasta, desserts and salad... I miss the NY cheesecake. waaah!

  2. ^wow, that's cheap! i've never tried any buffet from Italianni's


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