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Friday, February 11, 2011

My First International Trip

No, it's not in Hong Kong.  It will be in Taipei, Taiwan.  I'm pretty much excited about it despite my sister's discouraging comments on this trip; telling me that it will just be a waste of money since there's nothing to do there in Taiwan.  Whatever.  I will still pursue this trip.  Besides, this will be my first international trip!

I've done a few researches and visited various forums to get an idea on what to expect in Taiwan.  First things first, the visa.  Wow! My first international trip and my first visa! Bongga!  Secondly, yeah, there's really not much to do in Taipei and most of the famous tourist attractions are the museums, temples and shrines.  Of course there's also the famous Taipei 101, the second tallest building in the world.  But the pictures from my researches looked good and inviting.  What got me curious is that, as they say, Taipei is really a food trip.  I like!  I know you wouldn't believe that I like food if you see me personally, haha!  But I really enjoy trying out the food (specialty or famous food) of various places I've visited and will be visiting.  Since I'm quite Chinese, the taste of noodles and dimsum will no longer be new to me.  But I'm excited to taste a real, authentic Chinese noodles!!  I've read also other must try foods like the stinky tofu (they say it really does stink but taste really good. curiosity curiosity..), pineapple cake, mochi balls, milk tea and a lot more.  I'm really looking forward to taste these!  and lastly, Taipei is currently having their once a year event called the Flora Expo.  This event can already cover one day of our vacation.  At least we no longer need to worry much as to where to go.  I just hope I could see cherry blossoms in the event!

I'm really really excited about this trip! Aside from what I've mentioned above, I will finally experience a very cold weather!  I will get to wear my boots and a "winter fashion" outfit! Haha!  8-15 degrees Celsius... Not too close to winter but cold enough for the experience.  I'll be leaving this weekend and be back after Valentine's.  I'll be spending my Valentine's there with my single girlfriends!  

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  1. sounds like fun sis :) Tell us about the stinky tofu when you get back.

  2. will do sis. i'm thinking of bringing my laptop just to update my trip and blog about it ;)

  3. Wow, take care sis and keep us posted. :)

  4. Hello! :) Got your link from Girltalk ^_^ You know, when I think of Taiwan, I remember how obsessed I was with Meteor Garden, haha. I wanted to go to Taiwan so much because of that!

    Its nice that you were able to get a visa. I heard that these days it is hard to get one due to the conflict between the Philippines and Taiwan because of the deportation issue. :(

    Please also post pics of your winter fashion outfits. I would love to wear winter type of clothes but sadly no place yet to wear them, hehe. :D

  5. have a safe trip! i enjoyed my stay in Taiwan few years back. you are right, food trip talaga! Just like in Japan (people i know said so, never been there), their version of Mister Donut is yummy!

  6. @madz - thanks sis! just got back yesterday. hopefully i'll update my blog about my trip later tonight :)

    @karla - i was hoping to see jerry yan and vic zhou, haha! will do post pic of my "winter outfit" sis :)

    @ayeth - yup, food trip talaga! sayang pala we were not able to try mister donut in Taiwan. we were teasing my friend pa nga who wants to try it but we told her its probably same donut here.


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