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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Driver's License Renewal

It is my first time to have my driver's license renewed.  It will expire a very few days from now.  I didn't know that LTO was opened starting January 2.  My boyfriend was still on vacation that time so he could have accompanied me in renewing my license.  Since we didn't know that the LTO was already operational, I only get to renew my driver's license on my own (yes, I'm still on vacation until January 7!)

When I first got my driver's license 3 years ago, I was with my brother and we went to LTO Pasay Branch/office in getting my new driver's license.  This time, my brother wasn't able to accompany me (after my boyfriend) as he had other plans for the day already.  So I had no choice, I had to do it all by myself.  Besides, I'm no longer a little girl.  I can handle things on my own.  I'm just a little hesitant since this is government office where fixers may be in sight that I might made a mistake of identifying them as an LTO employee.  Well, I just had to be extra careful and not to trust anyone except people inside the office.

I intend to renew my license in one of their renewal centers in Ayala MRT station.  That's the only renewal center I know aside from the main office.  Good thing there is Google.  I searched for other renewal centers.  Well, I was really searching for the requirements in renewal and how much fee to be paid.  So I came across this Facebook page.  I learned that they also have renewal centers in the malls like Alabang Town Center, Metropoint Mall and some SM malls.  Metropoint Mall was the nearest I could find to our area in Paranque.  I chose to renew my driver's license there instead of in Ayala MRT station since I will take only 1 ride to get to Metropoint (yes, I'm still commuting even with a driver's license).  This site was somehow helpful to give me idea on the requirements and fees, although it wasn't updated.  So here I go blogging on the updated fees and other information you might find helpful in renewing your driver's license.

Go to any renewal center of your choice.  As for me, I went to Metropoint Mall.  The LTO Driver's License Renewal Center there is located at the 4th floor beside David's Salon.
You can renew your driver's license 60 days before it expire.  In case your driver's license already expired, you can still renew them up to 2 years from expiry date with corresponding penalty fees.  If it is more than 2 years, you need to retake the written and practical exams plus pay the corresponding penalty fees.  I got all these information from this site.

I went straight to the window with label "Customer Service Representative" (CSR).  I inquired about the requirements of renewal.  The CSR gave me a form to fill up.  After I filled up the form, he instructed me to get drug test and medical certificate from a testing center just a few stores away from the LTO office.

The drug test and medical clinic were located in the same room.  It is just beside Tronix Imaging.  There is another drug test room located across it but I'm not sure if it is DOH or LTO accredited.  As per requirements, you should get your medical certificate from an accredited LTO physician or from a government physician while your drug test should come from DOH accredited or government hospital.

I first went to the drug testing room.  The clinic have instructions posted on its wall on the steps to undertake.  You just need to ask around since there were people sitting inside the room which I thought was a line before the testing but they were just waiting for their names to be called.  There's no queue actually in the drug testing only on the medical exam.

The drug test was actually a urine test.  I asked first if its ok to take the test even if I have a period.  Because I know that some testing clinics postponed the procedure until your period is done.  I cannot postpone since my license will expire soon! Good thing, the lady allowed me to proceed with the test even if I have my period.  They are strict in letting you fill up their jar up to the neck line otherwise you need to come back to fill it up from where you ended.  Luckily, I need to pee that time so it wasn't hard for me to fill up their jar.  It's just quite hard to do this test if you have period but that's another story which I don't think I would want to relate.  I paid Php 300 for this test and the lady asked me to wait for my name to be called.  She said I can perform the medical examination while waiting.  I waited for about 20 minutes for the results to be handed to me.

In the medical examination, I just left another ID for queue.  It took me a while before my name was called.  The drug test result was already handed to me before my name was called for the medical exam.  The procedure I undertook in the medical exam were determination of weight, eye test (reading the letters from afar) and blood pressure test.  I paid Php 100 for these procedures.

Once you get your medical and drug test result (this should be negative), you will go back to the LTO office, in the CSR's window and present the result together with your license' previous Original Receipt (OR).  You have to wait again for your name to be called for the photosig (picture taking and signature) and for the payment.  I waited for about 20 minutes before my name was called for the photosig.  After a few minutes, my name was called again for the payment.  I paid Php 418 for the license.  After again a few minutes, I got my new renewed driver's license already.

It took me about less than an hour and 30 minutes to accomplish everything.  I arrived at LTO Metropoint at around 1:30pm and finished before 3pm.  Not bad.  I didn't feel the irritable waiting time for the procedures to be done.  Also, I didn't expect the renewal procedure to be this easy.    Total cost for the renewal of my non-pro driver's license (unexpired) is Php 818.


  1. Can i renew my driver's license early this month whether it will expire on nov?

    1. hi. i think so but kasi medyo sayang since you are paying for your driver's license which is valid for 3 years. masyado pang maaga if you will renew it this month if november pa expiration.


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