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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boracay: My Last Beach Trip for 2012

I can no longer count the times I've been to Boracay.  But this Boracay trip is extra special for the following reasons: 1) My first plane trip with my boyfriend, 2) I'll be staying in station 1, 3) I'm traveling together with  my kaladkarin friends.  Let me explain further the reasons I've mentioned.

First Plane Trip with Boyfriend
I booked this Boracay Trip as early as February.  That time, my kaladkarin friends wants us to have an R and R vacation in Boracay.  When Cebu Pacific had its seat sale, we grabbed the opportunity and booked our trip one way to Boracay.  By July, Cebu Pacific held its sale again.  So we checked if Boracay to Manila is on sale and fortunately it was.  I already had a boyfriend that time although our relationship is still new.  Without hesitation (and even without his consent), I booked his flight as well, same time as mine.  My friends were teasing me that I should maintain my relationship with my boyfriend until November so as not to make my booked flight gone to waste.  Well, fortunately, our relationship is still strong as of this writing.

Surprisingly, both my boyfriend and I treat this Boracay trip as a first timer trip with someone special.  Yes, I have been traveling without any boyfriend ever even if I had one before.  Same with him.  Most of our travels are with friends.

Accommodation in Station 1
Station 1 is known for having expensive accommodations.  Since my friends initially decided to have this as an R and R vacation, we were determined to stay in station 1 with nice accommodation that will truly make you feel relaxed.  Of course, our priority also is a beach front accommodation in a nice and quiet area.  My friends decided to stay in Two Seasons.  It is quite expensive so my boyfriend and I decided to stay in a bit cheaper accommodation, so we stayed in Willy's Beach Club Hotel.

This is my first time to stay in station 1.  Eversince and everytime I am in Boracay, I always stay in a cheap but safe accommodation like in La Carmela, Tan's Guesthouse and Island Nook.  My belief before is that, you'll be spending most of the time at the beach so why spend much for an accommodation?  Well, I was wrong about that.  It's a different experience staying in station 1.  I'll relate that in my next blog.

Boracay with Kaladkarins
My kaladkarin friends and I traveled to many parts of the Philippines already.  But the one famous beach destination we've never been to was in Boracay.  We've plans of traveling here countless times but it won't always push through.  Well, its quite true when they say unplanned trips are those pushing through.  That's what happened with this Boracay trip.  As I've mentioned before, when Cebu Pacific held its seat sale, we just decided then and there to book our next trip in Boracay.  And so here we go.  Next stop - Boracay!

If you could recall in my previous blog about my Boracay trip earlier in 2012, I've mentioned that that was one of my best Boracay trip.  Well, this Boracay trip is another best experience for me.  It is truly a wonderful experience traveling with someone you love.  The beach in Boracay never fails to make me fall in love over and over again with it and this time I shared it with someone close to my heart.

Check out my next blog relating to my experience in staying at an accommodation in station 1.  Also, check this blog for my Boracay expenses.

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