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Saturday, January 5, 2013

People's Park In The Sky Tagaytay

People's Park in The Sky is one of the famous destination in Tagaytay.  It is said to be the Marcoses' unfinished retreat house constructed in preparation for John F. Kennedy's visit to the Philippines.  People's Park in The Sky was previously known as Palace in the Sky.

It is situated atop Mt. Sungay which is the highest point in Tagaytay.  With its location, one can get a 360 degrees view of Tagaytay, including Taal Lake, Manila Bay and Laguna Lake.

It was the rainy season of August when my boyfriend and I decided to spend our long weekend in Tagaytay.  Our first stop was at People's Park in the Sky around 3 in the afternoon.  It was rainy and fogs are everywhere.  When we got there, it was a little chilly and fogs were somehow covering the beauty of Taal Volcano and its surroundings.  It's a wonderful view up on this location.  We even get to see a glimpse of a rainbow (after the rain as what they say).   It's just sad that this tourist spot was not well maintained.

Missing letters again

Taal can somehow be seen here

The amphitheater

This should have become a small pond maybe
View from the top
Top most area with hotdogs vendor

Very foggy and rainy!

Can you see my background?

The sight on the topmost level could be spectacular if viewable.  So it's better to visit People's Park on a sunny weather.  The picturesque background can be very inviting.  With this kind of view, it will be very relaxing and nice bonding experience with your friends, family or loved ones.

I've been reading from other blogs that the People's Park In The Sky Tagaytay is continuously being neglected.   Evidence can be found in the missing letters upon entry to the park.  If this will be well maintained by the government, this will be a good picnic destination apart from the Picnic Grove which is getting too crowded.  Tables with chairs or small huts are available in this area.  I think there are also snacks on sale.  There is also an available souvenir shops.

Oh by the way, there is an entrance fee of Php 30 per person on this park.  I wonder where will it be used.  Definitely not in the park since there's not much improvement I've seen here compared to the blogs I read.  Hmm...

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  1. Hi! Was at People's Park on January 1. Entrance fee was P30.00. 'Agree, this place definitely needs maintenance and restoration. :)

    Check out my entry on my recent Tagaytay trip:


  2. thanks for correcting. this was super late post that's why i forgot the exact amount :)

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