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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Sale Find: Bayo

For the past months, Bayo has been holding their sale which were really great finds.  I was able to buy a very nice blazer for 50% off last year (November).  Their sale continued up to January this year.  This time, its their end of season sale which will last until January 31.

I'm not really a big fan of Bayo but I do check them out from time to time, most especially when they have a sale.  I remember buying a good pants from their sale for just Php 350, which was about 70% off from the original price.

From their end of season sale, there's not much items on sale especially at their relocated store in the new Glorietta mall.  The items were mostly the same as those items on sale last November.  But nevertheless, I kept on coming back even if I wasn't able to buy anything.  But yesterday, I was so lucky to grab a great find from the same store and branch.  I was really looking for a denim jacket because I saw one look from some site that it looks good when paired with a dress.  An instant semi-casual get up!  This is what I found.

This washed demin jacket is cropped in style with a little feminine touch at the bottom of the sleeves.  It has an extra eyelet fabric in cream color which somehow tone down the ragged look of this jacket.  It was the only denim jacket I saw from the sale rack and luckily it was size small.  The original price was at Php 1,995.  I asked the sales lady if it is part of the sale since there's no 50% off sticker on its tag unlike all other items on the sale rack.  She told me that its 50% off.  Well, I will be paying about Php 1,000 then.  Quite a bargain considering its a denim, although I had a little hesitation since I wouldn't want to spend a thousand for just one item.  Heck, I still went to the cashier and bought this jacket.  To my surprise, it appeared in cashier's computer that it is only Php 250!  A real great find!  Even the cashier told me that it was really a bargain.  That was almost 90% off!  I think I would never find a denim jacket at this price! I'm so happy I bought it even if I have hesitations at first.

Visit Bayo's end of season sale which is on going until January 31, 2013.  I might also find a real bargain and be a lucky shopper like me who grabbed an item at almost 90% off.  Happy shopping!

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