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Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol 10 Auditions: This made me cry...

"..what kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most..." - Chris Medina

Awww... I hope ALL men have a kind heart like him! Such a sweet gentleman!  He deserves to be in the American Idol not because of his story but also because of his talent.  He has an awesome voice in singing his version of Break Even by The Script during the auditons.  I will be waiting for him in the next season of American Idol.


  1. this breaks my heart sis :( I don't think the girl is going back to her old self anymore. And the guy will eventually stay with her more out of guilt than love (if he continue to stay with her). So sorry for the cynical POV. I believe in true love and this must be it but he is just too young to have shouldered this kind of burden upon himself. Very tragic... for both of them.

  2. ^yeah, sis. we don't know until when will he endure this situation. but for the meantime, i admire his unconditional love and bravery. i like his version of the song too.

  3. Dropping by from GT. I missed this! Thanks for posting the video, sis. His audition must've really made that much of an impact since I've had another blog friend post about this too. Oh my... I'm crying as well as I'm typing this.


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