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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spa Party

Since initially the bridal shower party I've planned should have been a spa party, below are some of the spa party service provider I've contacted.  The list might be helpful to those who are planning for this kind of party.  I've indicated all possible information you may need.  But let me remind you, I haven't tried any of these a service providers as the spa party that I've planned didn't push through (as mentioned in previous blog).  The list is in random order.

1. Celebrity Nail Spa

  • I specifically contacted their branch in Makati via email.  They responded to my query quite fast and the Manager (as indicated in the name of the email) is very accommodating.
  • They have various Spa Party Packages that ranges from Php 5,000 to Php 9,000 good for 7 to 15pax.  They also offer kiddie spa packages.  Most of their packages include basic spa set up and giveaways.  Some of their package includes snack and dessert treats.  Their packages are consumable.  Meaning you can choose what type of service you like from their list of services as long as your group consumes your chosen package.  The rate indicated in the list is on a per person pricing. 
  • Venue is not provided but they have a tie up with Astoria Plaza in Ortigas.  You can inquire from them if you want to avail the tie up package with Astoria.  The room rate discount is around 20%.
  • I personally wanted to try their service for myself in the future.  Their pricing is quite reasonable.  You can check out their Facebook fanpage for pictures of spa parties they've held including a kiddie spa party for Lea Salonga's daughter.

2.  Caprichosa Spa

  • Caprichosa Spa is located in Moonwalk, Paranaque.  It's not so accessible especially if you are just commuting since it is located inside the village of Moonwalk.  But the person I spoke to via email is very accommodating as well.
  • Their spa party package consists of different services from body massage, hand and foot spa to hair waxing services.  It is consumable and there is no minimum number of guests as long as you consume the minimum Php 6,000 (exclusive of VAT and service charges).  Normally, the Php 6,000 worth of services is good for 10-12 pax.  Their package includes spa set up, use of robe, slippers and equipment.  You can add food, gift tag and wines but with a corresponding cost.  They also offer set packages that ranges from Php 9,000 to Php 14,500 good for 6 to 15 pax.  It already includes gift certificate and gift tags worth Php 500 each.  However, you no longer have the freedom to choose which service to use as these are set already.
  • If you don't have a venue, you can use their venue exclusively for 4 hours at no extra charge.
  • I got interested in their service as it seems really cheap.  Besides, I'm very near to this area! I'll definitely try their service one of these days.  You may visit their Facebook fanpage for more details.

3.  Bridal Sparty

  • It took them a while before they replied to queries.  I sent them email, private message in multiply site and text message for my inquiry.  Finally, they've responded to me via text (0920-9021394). 
  • Their main business is to organize a spa party for you especially for bridal showers.  They offer various Spa Party Packages that ranges from Php 500 per pax to Php 1,000 per pax.  Depending on the package, it already includes venue decorations, evite, gifts, souvenirs, games, food, and venue.  You can also add dancer or group activity with additonal cost.  The number of pax requirement per package is quite strict, at least 10.  The services they offer are body massage, hand or foot spa or foot reflex.  You just have to choose only one service for your chosen package.    
  • Since they will be the one to organize your spa party, they will also be the one to provide you with the venue.  Only two locations are available, Ortigas and Mandaluyon area.  For Mandaluyong, the area is only good until 5pm or 6pm.  For night parties, location will be in Ortigas.  The use of venue is only good for 3 hours.
  • This is quite a good deal however the choice of service is really few.

4.  Toccare Spa

  • This Spa is co-owned by my sister's friend.  I only converse to her through her personal number and they have provided me spa package via email.  However, this email is their supervisor's personal email.  I don't think they have corporate email.  Nonetheless, I found their website over the internet. 
  • Their site offers various spa packages which I think is ideal for individual service.  For spa party, you need to ask them for a quotation.  They can customize their package according to your needs.  I specifically ask them to quote me a spa party with foot spa and manicure or pedicure and games.  For this requirement, they will charge Php 5,500 good for 6 pax.  The foot spa is called green tea foot spa and will be good for 60 minutes.  You can include a bridal cake and spa party favor but with additional cost.
  • You can have your spa party at their venue at no extra cost.  They have a separate room for private parties at their venue which is located in Makati Ave., Makati City.
  • I didn't inquire further about their spa party package or services as I'm already at the edge of re-planning the whole bridal shower party.  They also have a facebook account, however it is not a fanpage.

5.  The Nail Experts

  • I found this service provider in sulit website.  I don't think they have a personal website.  I just called them up and inquire.  The person I talked to (Sharon) is accommodating.  However, she never did email me further details about spa party package.
  • The spa party package they're offering only cost Php 280 per person, minimum of 10 pax.  But the only service that you will get is body massage or foot spa.  You will just add Php 10 if you want to have a manicure or pedicure.  They also have a package of Php 5,000 consumable however I wasn't able to get the type of services included in that package.  They have an additional trasportation fee depending on the location of the party.
  • They don't have a venue where you can held a party.
  • This is very cheap, however the location is very far (in Rizal / Antipolo).

6.  SF Salon

  • I found this service provider in sulit website.  I just send them an email for my inquiry and they've responded 2 days after.
  • For spa party, their package is Php 600 per person without food or Php 800 per person with food (finger foods).  The minimum pax is 10.  Their available services are manicure, pedicure, foot spa, basic facial, hair spa and powerdose.  From my understanding, you will only be choosing one service for the rates given.
  • You can use their venue which is in Ever Gotesco malls for free.  Maximum use is for 3 hours.
  • They replied late so I didn't consider them.

7.  Sydney Nails and Body Spa

  • It took them forever to respond to my inquiry.  I send them text messages (4x), email (2x) and called up their office.  The office personnel told me that they will email the package but I only received their email weeks after.  I also found them in sulit website but they have their own multiply site.
  • They responded to my email but no packages given.  Too late...

There are other and a lot more spa service providers available, just google it.  But I hope I am able to help you guys, with my shortlisted provider, who are looking and planning for a spa party.  Good luck!


  1. Thank you for your post cafe@tinapay.My franchisee just emailed this to me.

    I am happy to receive feed backs and/or blogs from clients, it really help us to serve our customers even better. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and apologize for the inconvenience. But please do call us again if you have other spa party concerns.

    We have a website already it is And our email is and if you need any help with regards to spa parties, get together spa parties, or simply just because parties.

    Our Main office can accommodate you and can also direct you to the branches near you, so we can provide absolute luxurious Spa Parties at an affordable price, plus we also now accept credit cards.

    Again, Thank you and God Bless


  2. ^Thank you for the updates, Ms. Sharon. The information you provided will be useful to my readers. Thanks.

  3. Hi! do you still have the number for the nail Experts? the link on Sulit is no longer ctive. TIA!

  4. hi. the commenter above gave their website. you might want to check that out instead :)

  5. Replies
    1. actually none. we celebrated my friend's bridal shower in a hotel instead.

  6. hi you might want to check :)


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