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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cafe @ Tinapay

The Title

I first thought of this title when I was playing Cafe World in Facebook.  Cafe - a coffeehouse, a restaurant, and/or a bar.  Tinapay - Filipino term for bread; my pet name (as part of it includes my name).  I said to myself, someday I'll open my own coffee shop with this title.  Cute isn't it?

The Blog

I always wanted to write as it is my passion.  Though I'm not that great in subject-verb agreement or even in English vocabulary but my fingers are fast enough to type about 50 words per minute with less errors.  And I like to speak my mind off, express what I thought in writing.

Since I love to write, I always wanted to have a blog of my own.  But I don't know how and where to begin.  I don't even know what will the concept of my blog be.  But finally I'm here.  I'm still not used to it and I still need to learn a lot to increase traffic and even make this income-generating blog! LOL!  So please bear with me and I hope you enjoy reading.

The Description

"Have a sip on random thoughts of whatever and whenever"

I wanted to have a travel blog, writing about cheap deals from the travels I have experienced.  But I'm too lazy to jot down every details of my trip, even the tricycle fare.  I'd rather enjoy the moment of my vacation than think about those little details.  Selfish huh?  And so now, I'll change that attitude.  I already have a small notebook with me which I carry around to list down random thoughts.  And now that I have a blog, it will really be a small responsibility to share to other people what I have experienced.

Basically, this blog is about everything that pops up in my mind, whether a rant, a rave, daily experiences and of course my travel escapades.  Similar to taking a sip at a coffee shop and bonding with your friends, Cafe @ Tinapay serves various topics that is true to life and anybody can relate.  I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.  I also do hope that I will make time to update this blog.

Cheers! and Welcome to Cafe @ Tinapay!

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