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Monday, January 31, 2011

My Planners

Today is the last day to have your Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coupons stamped.  There are some branches that provides double stamp on this day.  Upon completion of the stamps, you will get to have a free Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) 2011 planner.  I’ve been eyeing on this ever since they come up with this promo.  Come January 20, I only have 11 boxes left to be stamped.  I’ll be able to finish exactly on the 31st if I had at least one coffee per day.  I was still eager at that time to complete the stamps.  But after a while, I decided not to pursue it anymore.  I love their planner alongside the coupons but I already have two existing planners: Belle de Jour (BDJ) and Relaks, Puso Lang Yan Malayo sa Bituka.  And most likely the coupons that I’ll be getting from CBTL planner will be the same as in BDJ.  Besides, I wasn’t able to use up all the coupons from my CBTL notebook last year.

Browsing through my planners, I am pretty much happy with them.  I’ve been a loyal BDJ planner user since 2008.  Eventhough I don’t get to bring this planner everyday, this is where I put all my schedules, notes, reminders and other scribbles.  It serves as my diary.  Of course, how can I forget the coupons?  This is another reason why I love my BDJ.  Eventhough I don’t consume them every year, I still love it!

My other planner, Relaks, Puso Lang Yan Malayo sa Bituka by Witty Will Save the World, Co., is an unusual planner for me.  Of course, there’s still the monthly and daily calendar where you will put your schedule but there are also some interesting trivia’s on some dates.  I got interested with this planner because of its funny and witty contents. 

Here's the usual daily calendar page with trivias in some dates

One interesting part of the planner is the "Love History" page.  I was eager to fill it up but then again I thought which of my exes shall I refer it to?  My friend told me to have it colored coded.  That's a great idea!

Here's another funny page.  February 14 is the only date with specific time frame for your activity notes that day.  On the last hour of the day, there's also a writing page where you could write what happened to you that day.  Quite a pressure for me to look for a date or at least do something memorable that day! Haha!

And similar to other famous planners, they also have coupons.  But I don't think it is honored anywhere unless the person you'll give it to whole-heartedly accepts it.

By the way, the Relaks, Puso Lang Yan Malayo Sa Bituka planner seems to be only for broken hearted people.  Ideally yes but it's not.  It can be for anyone.

I'm happy and content with my two planners.  And maybe next year, I won't only look forward to BDJ planner but I'll also look forward to another Witty Will Save the World planners and even notebooks!  Too bad I missed their other releases!


  1. My boss at work has that Relaks, Puso Lang Yan Malayo Sa Bituka planner as a gift from her sister. Tawa kami nang tawa when she showed us the contents.

  2. nice planners! havent owned any bdj planners though :)

  3. @ Rose - yeah, nakakatawa talaga yung Relaks. para kang kinakausap every page. i asked my sister to buy this for me as a gift :)

    @ Reina - thanks! try getting these planners if you haven't had one ;)

  4. I hope I get to rummage thru the pages of Relaks planner someday. Looks interesting kasi :)

  5. ^yeah sis. every page is really interesting and to look forward to ;)


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