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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year, A New Decade, Same Resolutions

I remember I listed down "punctuality at work" as my new year's resolution last year.  I didn't succeed so I'm listing it down again this year.  It's really hard to come to work on time if you're not motivated. Oh well. Another one was driving.  Yes, I did enrolled to driving school last year and I even got my driver's license already.  But I'm still not driving.  Lack of practice.

Anyway, aside from the two mentioned above, below are other resolutions I made for this year.  Let's see at the end of the year if I'll be successful.

  • Back at gym - remember Php 1,000 per month...
  • Save Save Save - for the rainy days and for travel; eliminate buying unnecessary stuff like shoes, bags and clothes (OMG! this is gonna be hard!)
  • Strengthen and increase my faith - first Friday, Sunday masses and other obligations
  • Never skip breakfast - this really means waking up early so I could eat breakfast before leaving for work
  • Eat healthy - include lots of fruits and water intake
  • Take vitamins/supplements - there's still that one big bottle that is half empty and another one unopened

That's it for now.  Not a lot but I really hope I will be able to follow those.  Wish me luck.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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