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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Latest Bag Buy: Steve Madden Crossbody Btamara

This is another bag that I've waited for 3 months!  I've mentioned this in my previous blog and finally here it is!  I've received this bag end August.  I was kinda surprised when I received this.  You know why?  It is because this isn't my first choice of bag.  But it's still all good as this was my second choice.

Original price is about $100 but I only got this for $25!  Really cheap!  I'm loving this bag to use on weekends.  Unfortunately, it is too small for office use.  But I still love it!


  1. Nice find sis. How come you paid only $25? Was it on sale? Where did you buy it?

  2. yup, it was on sale. my sister bought it at macy's online. i only paid her $25 + tax :)


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