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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me Time at Sparkle and David's Salon

When I saw this pampering coupon in Metrodeal at Sparkle Hair Rebonding Treatment Center and Spa, I immediately got interested since its associated with hair pampering.  Since I haven't got back to relaxing my hair at Fix salon, maybe a hot oil will do for the meantime just to keep my hair straight.  Another interesting item in the deal is the hand and foot scrub.  I'd like my feet to be pampered as this is often times neglected.  I don't get to moisturize my feet as often as I want unlike with my with hands which are more exposed.  What's more interesting on the deal is that its location is very near to our home.

I called up and inquired about the deal as well as the services they offer.  The person I talked to told me that I can buy the Metrodeal coupon in their spa and immediately avail the services immediately even if it states there that it can be used starting May 2. Since the deal is only Php 149, I checked also the other services they're offering.  I thought of adding any foot pampering including pedicure.  Sparkle's website describes all the services and packages they offer.  Each of their service has detailed description with estimated time to finish each service.  Although price is not indicated, the description seems inviting.  That's why I decided to visit Sparkle late in the afternoon that day to avail the coupon as well as get a pedicure.  By the way, the person I talked to informed me that I should have reservations first before I avail any of their service but she also told me that I can just drop by later and just tell the receptionist her name, Grace.

When I arrived, the receptionist told me that the coupon can only be availed starting May 2.  Grace was wrong on that aspect.  And she's no owner or manager of the place.  She's one of the staff / personnel who does the services to you.  She was performing foot spa to one client when I arrived.  Maybe its somewhat commission based if I go directly to her that's why she told me to look for her.  Anyway, I thought I can already have my hot oil treatment done.  Nevertheless, I still bought one coupon and availed their pedicure service at Php 175.  I'm not sure if this is cheap or expensive as I have never had pedicure before.  Yes, my feet are still virgin in that aspect.  It's me who does the cleaning of my toenails and putting on nail polish to it.  So this time, I'll try others to do it on my behalf to make my feet cleaner.  I'd like to have a foot spa along with the pedicure but I decided, since I'm not yet familiar with this spa, I'll just try first their pedicure.

I'm kinda ticklish person so when the staff, Jovie (I think), started cleaning my foot, I felt uneasy but I didn't let her notice it.  She cut my toenails, applied cuticle remover and start cleaning my foot.  Her hands were quite light as I didn't experience any discomfort while she's doing my feet.  What I didn't like was when she applied nail polish and some gets out of the nails, she uses her nails directly to my skin to remove it.  I hope she used cotton instead.  But overall, my first time experience in pedicure is somehow nice and not a nightmare.  I would definitely go back there and have my nails done.

Since I wasn't able to have a hot oil treatment, I then decided to trim my hair since the ends are already getting dry.  I visit the David's Salon, just within the area of Sparkle.  I had my hair cut there before and it was ok.  So I thought, since I'll just have it trimmed, it won't be disastrous to my hair.  My second time experience with them in terms of hair cutting and blow drying is ok.  I just didn't like the blow drying of my hair this time.  The staff wasn't too careful in pulling my hair that it seems kinda painful but tolerable.  I'm just worried that it might give too much damage to my hair.  Although the stylist told me that my hair isn't that dry but it lacks shine.  She's offering me to have hair spa at Php 600+  with hair cut already.  Aww.. it was already too late.  I'm willing to get hair spa but she's already cutting my hair when she told me that.  She just advised me to have my hair treated at least every month.  And yes, I plan to do that.  Nevertheless, my overall hair cut experience with them was ok.  Not exceptional though.  Well maybe because I just had my hair trimmed.

It's really nice to have this me time although its not that much done on me today.  Maybe next time I'll try other services in Sparkle (manicure and some of their body and hair treatment and facial) and David's Salon (hot oil or hair spa).  My hair is relaxed but I only entrust Fix Salon to do that.  It's been over a year already since I had my hair relaxed but thank God it isn't all that frizzy at this time.  I just wonder how to get shinier hair.  Any tips?

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