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Sunday, April 15, 2012

FitFlop's Summer Sale

I was able to avail FitFlop's Summer Sale as advertised in their Facebook fan page.  The Walkstar III is at 30% off from Php 3,290 its now only Php 2,303.  I went directly to FitFlop's store in Greenbelt 3.  I'm not sure if other store which sells FitFlops like Shoe Salon and Res Toe Run also have the Walkstar III sale.  Arriving at their store in Greenbelt 3, there's no signage that indicates that they are having a sale.  I had to ask their sale staff for it.  They direct me to their rack of Walkstar III which are truly at 30% off as advertised in Facebook.  However, there are more colors available in the store that is on sale (like the Patent Silver and Patent Bronze color).  I didn't see any Softy Henry Green on the rack.  Well maybe it's just in the Greenbelt branch.  I haven't checked the other branches.  3 new colors were also released but not part of the sale.  I took a picture of it through my phone so apologies if it isn't too clear.

Those that were crossed out were new releases and not part of the sale.
The Electra and Pietra was also on sale at 30% off.  Sorry I no longer took a picture of it.  But there were only a few colors available on sale.

The Greenbelt branch offers deferred payment, zero interest for either 3 months or 6 months, with minimum purchase of Php 3,000.  For sale items such as the Walkstar III, minimum purchase should be Php 6,000 to avail the deferred payment.  I asked if I can get the Walkstar III Patent in Silver and Whirl in Black and pay it by installment.  At first they hesitated since they claim it will be different transaction on sale and regular item.  After some haggling, they agreed.  Since I've been eyeing Whirl for such a long time, I gave in.  Instead of buying 2 Walkstar just to reach the Php 6,000 for deferred payment, I get Walkstar III Patent in Silver and Whirl in Black.  It cost me Php 6,093, deferred payment for 6 months at zero interest.  Not bad.  I think *wink*  

Whirl and Walkstar
I'm not sure if all FitFlop branches offer deferred payment but I believe Res Toe Run in Glorietta does.  The Walkstar III summer sale is until April 30 while the other items on sale are good until supplies last.

Finally I get to retire my old FitFlop Walkstar I after using it for almost a year.  By the way, I also got it on sale and blogged about it too!

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  1. Your post just reminded me that I dont know where my Fitflops are :D I think I used them just 2x and forgot all about them!
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