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Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's New With iPad?

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


What’s New With iPad?
A Review of the New iPad 2

The long wait is over.  Finally the new iPad 2 has come out of the market.  Let’s have the new iPad review in this article: comparing iPad and iPad 2.  What’s new with this gadget?  Read on and let’s compare.

When Apple first came out the iPad, it became a phenomenal hit to gadgets enthusiast.  The use of tablet has become the new gadget for people on the go.  It’s like combining business and pleasure in one without carrying a heavy device.  With the constant technological advances, Apple has to upgrade its iPad, thus the release of the new iPad 2.  Has it really evolved physically and technically?  Is it worth to buy the upgraded version?  Here’s a list of what has changed in this new iPad review.

1.       Processor.  The new iPad 2 has an upgraded processor with dual-core 1GHz A5 chip.  Obviously, unlike the 1GHz single-core A4 chip of iPad, this new iPad is faster making the start up and opening of applications quick and easy.  With the faster processor, it can handle more advance software and more complicated applications.
2.       Size.  Another distinct feature in this new iPad review is the screen.  The new iPad has a thickness of 8.8mm, which is down by almost 33% from its old iPad size of 13.4mm thick.  The weight has also decreased from 680g to 601g for WiFi models and from 730g to 613g for WiFi + 3G models.  With this lightweight size, it is easier for consumers to bring this gadget anywhere at the same time comfortable to use as a reader.

3.       Facetime.  This maybe the obvious advancement in this new iPad review.  Just like the Apple’s iPod Touch 4th Generation, the iPad 2 comes with a front and rear camera enabling it to use its new feature, the Facetime.  Facetime is a new application in iPad 2 where users can do video call.  Taking pictures and video with the front VGA camera and the back 720p camera is possible while using Facetime.  The cameras are useful to those who like to take pictures and share it to the world through various social networking sites.

4.       Apps.  Apple has also included additional apps in the new iPad 2: Garageband and iMovie.  Garageband enables music lovers to create their own music or play along with existing band on the device.  You can practice your music or just play along with them.  iMovie, on the other hand, is a video software which enables you to create and edit videos or even movies.  This is ideal if you’re an aspiring movie director.  You can use iMovie to practice this skill.

5.       Case.  In this new iPad review, one unique and unusual feature of iPad will be revealed.  This is the iPad’s cover case called Smart Cover.  It is magnetic case attached to iPad which does not only protect your device but is also used as a stand when you open the cover and fold it at the back.  The Smart Cover also wakes the device up when the cover is lifted and puts the device to sleep when it is closed.

6.       Screen:  There is no changes in screen size at still 9.7” however the graphics has been improved up 9 times better.

In summary of this new iPad review, there have been significant changes in the new iPad 2.  Although it is still not comparable to laptops, it is still a portable gadget where you can do business and pleasure at the same time.      

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