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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Natural Protein Powder: A Good Alternative

This is one of the articles I have written and submitted for a bogus client.  More details about this in my previous blog.  I claim and own these articles.


Natural Protein Powder: A Good Alternative

Everyday, our bodies need nutrients to function well in our daily activities.  Nutrients such as protein and water are just one of those few essential nutrients we need.  Protein, such as natural protein powder, helps our body build strong muscles.  With its powder form, it is a good alternative protein intake especially to those who are considered vegetarian.   Water, on the other hand, keeps our body hydrated.  As what the saying goes, a man can live with water alone.  According to the food pyramid, our bodies need at least 2-3 servings of protein everyday. 

Protein intake can be through eating meats or taking food supplements.  Supplements normally contain natural protein powder.  This may be taken from two kinds: soy and whey.  These two kinds of protein supplements are mostly taken by people during their workout exercise, either before or after.  The most popular and common among these two is the whey protein.  The main benefit of this whey protein is that it is easily absorbed by the body.  For body builders, they prefer whey protein drink as it is rich in amino acids, specifically cysteine, which builds stronger muscles and keeps their body in shape.  Pregnant women can also benefit from natural protein powder.  It works as anti-inflammatory and enhances immunity to infection.  It is also helps the body protect from certain cancers.

Milk is also a whey protein provider.  Another type of protein, casein, provides natural whey protein powder.  This is a very soluble substance that can be easily mixed with water or milk.  Combining it with milk will definitely give off high levels of protein in your body.  Now achieving high energy levels and maintaining a healthy body and toned muscles is easy.  With various forms of protein available in the market, it can be taken through your diet or through food supplements such as natural protein powder.  It’s a good alternative to keep your daily protein intake at recommended levels.


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