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Monday, June 10, 2013

Genesis Super Salon by Louis Phillip Kee

The Genesis Super Salon by Louis Phillip Kee had its dry run opening last June 2.  They offer 40% off on all their services until today, June 9.  Since its the last day today to avail the discount, we expect it to be jammed packed.

Located along Dona Soledad Avenue in Better Living, Paranaque, it was indeed full of customers by the time we got there, about 4.30pm.  We waited about 30 minutes before my sister is called for her haircut.  I followed after her.  The haircut with shampoo and blow dry took about an hour.  The price for haircut is different for men, women and children. You may refer below for their pricelist.

My hair is long, about below the bra line at the back.  I planned to have it just trimmed, about an inch.  I'd like to maintain a long hair as this is what my boyfriend desires.  But after my sister's hair was done, I find her cut nice and stylish so I intend to copy her haircut.  It was a layered cut specifically on the sides and in front.  The back was just trimmed but a bit layered just to make it appear thin.  I requested for some bangs which the stylist made it a side swept cut.

My sister and I's stylist is John Kessel.  He has been a stylist fo Louis Phillip Kee's Salon for quite some time already.  He has a different style of cutting one's hair, well at least for me and my sister.  He let us stand while he cut the back of our hair.  I think this makes the cut accurate and even in case of the layered style.  This is unusual for me but I find it better as the cut was made with precision.  Besides, you wouldn't stand for so long or on the whole duration of cutting.

Our stylist

The hair shampooing and blow dry is also quite different.  Angel, who shampooed my hair, did a little massage on my hairline and scalp.  Most salons I've been to only massages the scalp.  The shampoo and conditioner they use does not have strong smell, just right.  After shampooing, I noticed that they do not have a wide tooth comb to untangle my hair.  But the great thing was they don't force your hair untanlge it which will cause hair breakage.  They instead use their fingers to gently untangle your hair, especially the ends.  They are also careful in blow drying your hair.  They don't pull hard your hair and the heat from the blow dry was just right.

My sister had a pedicure or more like cleaning of her toenails as she does not want a polish to be applied on it.  She enjoys this service as she didn't experience any pain unlike other salons who put much pressure in cleaning toenails which can be painful.  Original price of this cleaning is only Php 100 but my sister only paid Php 60 applying the 40% discount.

The design of Genesis Super Salon is just right, not too spacious and not too small.  There is a somewhat kitchen on the right side upon entering the salon.  We are told that it will soon be a cafe.  The receiving area only has one sofa.  So other customers sat on the "kitchen area" while waiting for their turn.  Magazines were provided but all were back issues as late as 2008.  At the back of the reception area was the hair cutting area.  Further to it was the mani-pedi, foot spa area.  There is stairs in the middle of the room which leads to the massage area and other services on the second floor.

I'm not sure if it just the last day but Mr. Louis Phillip Kee arrived at the salon to checked on the staff and customers.  He also helped out in blow drying, conversing with customers and even preparing the chair for the next customer.  He also provide guidelines to his staff on how to properly assist customers from the receiving area up to the time they leave the salon.  His guidelines, as I see on how he converse with his staff, were polite, not making them look stupid or scolding them in front of the customers.  He was there at around 6pm and was still there when we left at around 8.30pm.  I guess he will stay there until the salon closes.

Overall, I would love to go back to this salon and try their other services.  I was happy with my haircut so as my sister.  She also likes her pedicure.  i would like to try mani-pedi-foot spa package and relaxing my hair next time.  The staff were all nice, and no hard selling for the services they offer.  Prices for their services were quite reasonable.  We were told by the receptionist that they will have another discount on their grand opening sometime in July.  I will definitely watch out for that.


  1. Hi! Do they accept credit cards? And do you have a bigger and clearer pic of the price list? Thanks for the info, by the way. I've been planning to go to that salon.

    1. hi. i'm not sure if they accept credit cards as i haven't tried it. i have the pricelist in my camera phone. maybe i could send it to you through email so you can get a better view of it. :)

    2. hello.yes we accept credit cards.:)

  2. thanks very much for the salon review. hope we improve our services so we can serve you better.from louis philip kee

  3. I'm still looking for that perfect salon that can take care of my curly hair. haha!

    [b]Beauty Tips: Taking Care of Your Lips[/b]


  4. wow! i'm just in the neighborhood... will def go there this week! hahaha na excite tuloy ako sa post mo. I hope same impeccable service pa rin sila hehe. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hi.. Do they have package for the Framesi haircolor??

    1. hi, i don't see any package for that in their pricelist only individual price, see below:

      Framesi Rigenol:
      short - 400
      medium - 600
      long - 800
      extra long - 800

      inclusive of 15 minutes scalp massage, shampoo and blowdry

  6. Hi, pasend din ako ng pricelist.. Thank you!

  7. Hi pasend din ako ng pricelist :) thank you!

  8. Im just in the neighbourhood too! Do they have digiperm or hair curl/ wave treatment? Would also like to see a clearer picture of the price list. Please send it to my email address:
    Thank you. :)

    1. sorry sis, i already changed phone so i no longer have it. and baka may mas updated na na price list since last year pa 'to :)


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