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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Water Massage at Ace Water Spa

If you're looking for a different kind of massage or relaxation, you may want to try the water massages at Ace Water Spa.  As what the name implies, Ace Water Spa offers various water facilities that can massage different areas of your body using forces from water.  The best thing about their water massages is that each facility gives health information about the good benefit that you will get while taking that kind of massage. Required number of minutes is also indicated to better achieve the maximum benefit.  One can choose from soft, moderate and hard massages through these various water facilities.

Ace Water Spa also offers sauna, steam and hot herbal pools.  The hot herbal pools have various temperatures with different scents on each to achieve healthy benefit appropriate for that temperature.  Cautions were posted also in some areas as not all are appropriate for every one especially the hot pools.  It is also best to "rinse" on their cold pool after using the hot pools to achieve maximum benefit.  They also have an olympic size swimming pool if you want to do some laps or just swim around it. 

I've tried most of their massages and they're really relaxing.  My favorite is the rainfall acupuncture.  You can almost sleep with it while waters are falling on your back.  Another favorite is the jet chair as it is so relaxing.  Both uses moderate massages.  I also like the hot herbal pools but I don't take the cold pool right after it because the water is really really cold.  I just rinse with their other showers or back to the water massages. Most of the people I know who have been to Ace Water Spa for the first time really enjoyed this one of a kind massage.

Ace Water Spa has two branches: Quezon City and Pasig.  I've been to both locations and there's not much difference between them except that the Quezon City branch is much bigger.  The Pasig branch is also connected to their hotel, Ace Hotel and Suites (read my review about this hotel here).

If you have Belle De Jour planner, it has 2 coupons which offer buy 1 take 1 on Ace Water Spa at any branch.  One has a duration of January to June while the other one July to December.

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