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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Latest Bag Buy: Kate Spade Cobbi Hill Little Minka

I don't like pink.  I really do.  My favorite color is blue.  But I noticed in the past months or at least late last year, I've been drawn to this shade in some of my belongings.  Maybe I just decided to add color to some of my stuff like clothes.  Blue colored garments are still dominant in my closet but its nice that I also found pink and other lighter shades.  Now I have this bright fuchsia pink bag from Kate Spade! It was also coincidental that my boyfriend gave me this wonderful double strap Guess watch of the same shade.  Plus, I already own a Victoria's Secret Pink fragrance mist in of course pink color.  All are PINK!

I remember I've been eyeing Kate Spade bags since 2011 as I read my previous blog entry about it.  Cobbie Hill Small Leslie was specifically what I'm eyeing for.  Then last summer, my sister pointed me out a different version of Cobbie Hill called Little Minka.  What's lovely about this is that it is on sale!  Same fabric as Small Leslie (cowhide leather), the only difference is the handle.  Little Minka only has one handle.  Without hesitation, I asked my sister to order it for me online and have it shipped here through her reliable seller who does this kind of business: buying online for clients and delivering it to her US address and shipping it here in the Philippines.  I waited for 2 months before my bag arrived.  Well, the wait is all worth it.  I love this bag! Even if I'm not really attracted to the shades of pink but I think I'm starting to like it!

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