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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Ace Hotel and Suite

It was a not so well planned anniversary weekend when my boyfriend and I decided spend it around the metro rather than taking an out of town trip.  Our budget was constraint yet we wanted to find a nice hotel with a relaxing pool within metro manila.

Browsing through my Belle De Jour planner, I found a coupon for Ace Water Spa. I've been wanting to bring my boyfriend there since its a one of a kind massage which I know he will enjoy.  Besides, with his stressful work, he really needs a good massage and relaxation.  Browsing further through my planner, I came across another coupon, 30% off on published rate at Ace Hotel and Suites.  The coupon already includes a free entrance at Ace Water Spa.  I think that's already a good deal!  Plus, the discounted rate really fits our budget.

Ace Hotel and Suite is quite a new hotel, located in the Pasig area.  Ace Water Spa in Pasig is also quite new as well.  I'm just not sure which of these open first or both was launched at the same time.  The location of Ace Hotel and Ace Water Spa are the same.  It's like Ace Water Spa was the swimming area of the Ace Hotel and Suite, located at the ground floor.

We availed the Junior Suite as we find it roomy and spacious unlike the Deluxe Room.  Plus, it has a mini sala perfect for our plan to have a midnight snack on that area.

It was an ordinary weekend yet customers were quite full and in line at the reception area. It didn't took us long though when we were served.  It was a smooth transaction and no questions asked when I handed the Belle De Jour coupon for the discount.  Well maybe because I have prior reservations and informed them about the coupon.  Our room accommodation is inclusive of buffet breakfast, free one time use of Ace Water Spa for two and two discount coupon on next visit to Ace Water Spa.

Even though we only have one backpack, a bellboy still assists us in our room.  I like the security of their elevator.  Only authorized people can use it or those who have their room key card.  You will be flashing the card before pressing the desired floor for it to be operated.  So I guess visitors would really have to be fetched at the reception/lobby area by the tenant.

Our room was indeed spacious and I love it.  They also provide closet with slippers, laundry bag and a safe.

work area and the sala

tv between sala and bed

spacious room

our bed with side table and closet

We have also a mini bar with coffee, tea, mineral water and wine as complimentary drinks.

work area with mini bar at the back

complimentary wine

Fruits were also served in our room minutes after our arrival.

complimentary fruits

The air conditioning in the room was great as it is strong. Our bed was huge! The bed sheets and pillow cases were clean.  The pillows were fluffy yet comfortable enough to sleep on.  The blanket or comforter was just thick enough to cover us from cold.  I like how their tv can swivel so we can watch whether we're on our bed or on the mini sala.

facing the sala
facing the bed

Complete toiletries were provided including razor, shaving cream and comb which you don't normally see in some upper middle class hotels.  They also have hair dryer in the bathroom.  They have an enclosed shower area with rainfall shower head. The toilet has an available bidet.  Our only concern though is that water easily gets clogged at the shower area.  Waters from the shower and faucet both have hot and cold temperature regulator.

enclosed shower area

organized container for toiletries placed on the sink

On their buffet breakfast, there are quite a number of choices combining american and filipino dishes, though the buffet area is not that big.  You can also ask them to cook omelette with your choice of toppings and some pasta.  Drinks are also a variety: fruit shakes, tea, coffee, water and juices.  You also have a choice to order ala carte instead of availing the buffet breakfast.  Besides, they only served it until 10am.

I will blog about Ace Water Spa in my next post.  Overall, we enjoyed our stay in Ace Hotel and Suites.  They also offer longer stays with details below.  I would definitely love to go back to this hotel.  We truly feel relaxed and we don't even have to travel far to experience it.


  1. Nice review. We go here once a week for my son's swimming class but never tried the hotel yet. I will include this on my list. Thanks :-)

    1. Hi! How much was your stay? :) I also have a coupon from BDJ but im planning to just get the deluxe room. How much would that prolly cost? :)

    2. We paid only about Php 4k+ for the room plus Php 2k refundable deposit. Php 4k+ is already discounted using the BDJ coupon.

  2. hi, panu po makakakuha ng discounts pls.. gusto din namin mag avail ng bf ko tnx

    1. hello. meron po akong belle de jour na planner, dun ko po nakuha yung discount coupon. you can also check metrodeal kasi nakita ko may promo din dun ang ace hotel and suite.

  3. Hello! Upon check in do they ask for a security deposit? How much is it if you don't have a credit card?

    1. hi. security deposit was only Php 2,000 and yes, we paid it in cash upon check in.


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