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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catching Up on My 366 Days Project (Day 8 to 13)

I got so busy when the week started that's why I wasn't able to update my 366 days project.  But I'll try to recall and summarize them here.

Day 8:
It was a blessing to hear mass today.  The priest gave trivia about Christmas.  He said that it was celebrated before on a January 6.  Then later, it was moved to December 25.  The importance of the January 6 was still retained thus Feast of the Epiphany was celebrated on this day.  Then eventually, the feast was celebrated every 2nd Sunday of January.  I just felt happy that Christmas or the birth of Christ was supposedly celebrated on January 6.  Same birthday as mine.

Day 9:
Eventhough this day is not a good day for me, I'm still thankful because I get to eat my lunch at a very cheap price!  We ate at a small canteen just outside of our office.  I was full with 1 and a half rice and grilled liempo for only Php 52!  Very timely as I am really on a budget.

Day 10:
Blessings for good friends who shares their food with me.  I also thank this day that I was able to finish my writing assignment with an Odesk client.  I am expecting to be paid, hopefully next week.

Day 11:
The good deed that I did today was helping out an officemate understand more details about our work.  Eventhough she's been with the company for more than a year, she is still seeking for additional knowledge.  I am glad with that attitude and I am very much willing to teach her anything she wanted to learn relating to her work.

Day 12:
It was a tiring day.  I feel sorry for myself because I had to carry a lot of stuff on my way home.  Aside from my bag, I bring along my laptop since I'm scheduled in Manila office on Fridays and then I bought dinner meals for me and my father.  By meal it means it has drinks in it.  Some have already spilled out but it doesn't become messy.  But still I am thankful for this day because we already got our payroll this early!

Day 13:
It was Friday the 13th but I was still lucky today.  I had a feast during lunch with Chef d' Angelo's Eat All You Can.  Feast equals two servings of pasta, red and white sauce each, salad greens, potato salad, two slices of pizza, and 2 viands.  Hungry, I guess.  Come early evening, when it's time for me to go home, I was surprised that I didn't have any difficulty commuting home.  LRT wasn't jammed pack and the jeepney are all available and not full.  I thought I will be stuck with "people traffic" since its payday weekend but I'm glad I didn't.  Also, its my first time to consume the stored value card of LRT.  I didn't realize that I will get almost free ride with just Php 2 remaining in my card.  Amazing! Haha!

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