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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Microblog: Day 3 of My 366 Days Project

I thought I will end the day with no good things happening to me.  I was tired today with more than 12 hours on the street.  Finally when I got home, my dad handed me over his birthday present to me.  Quite early but I am happy.  This is what I am thankful for the day.  At his age of 72 years old, my dad never fails to give me a gift during my birthday (as well as my siblings' birthday).  He's no longer working, no recurring income, just a small pension monthly but he still remembers to give gifts to us during our birthdays.  It may not be too expensive but I really appreciate it.  Thank you, daddy!


  1. Your dad is so sweet! It's not everyday that I hear about dads remembering to give their children birthday presents. Anyway, advanced happy birthday sis! :)


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