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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Microblog: Day 5 of My 366 Days Project

Before I proceed with this late post of my day 5, I just realized that I misspelled the title of my last blog.  Instead of Day 4, I indicated Day 3 that's why I have a redundant Day 3 on my 366 Days Project.  I apologize for that.

Anyway, Day 5 was really a wonderful day to me!  Aside from I sent another donation through SMS in Red Cross for the people affected by Sendong, I received a very nice blessing today.  I got another job (part time that is) in writing from Odesk from previous client.  This employer has been my client for years already.  Although the job is not frequent but he always get in touch with me whenever he needs some writing works.  I'm glad he trust me that much.  If you want to get a part time job as well, may it be in writing, graphic artist, data entry, virtual assistant, web programmer, etc., just click on the badge on the the right side.  This is a great part time job.

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