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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Microblog: Day 3 of 366 Days Project

 I am not so proud of what I have done today.  Well, its a mix of good and bad vibes.  In the morning, I received a compliment of how good a person and leader I am *grin*.  In the afternoon, I was a little pissed because of work.  It's just the second day of work and yet I am already harassed and stressed.  Lastly, in the evening, I sent an SMS to someone without any intention of hurting her but still she got hurt with what I said.  I really didn't judge her or whatever, I just commented on what she did (or not did) which I think is unusual to her status in life.  Well, I didn't apologize to her.  I just told her I don't have any intentions of hurting her.  Hard-headed?  I just said what I thought.  My sister told me that what I said was kinda hurtful indeed.  Well, damage has been done.  I can never take back what I've said.  But I hope she will learn something from it.  I'm sorry for that.  I really didn't mean it.

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