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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eat All You Can at Chef d' Angelo

I've been seeing the Eat All You Can Promo of Chef d' Angelo since last year but it was only this week that I get to try it.  It was really cheap at only Php 150, you can already eat all the pasta, pizza, salad and soup all you want.  Add another Php 125 and you get an unlimited chicken as well.  The Php 150 is good enough.  But don't expect it to be fancy, besides Chef d' Angelo is considered to be fast/casual restaurant.

I'm not sure if they offer the same set of menu for the eat all you can promo everyday or different from time to time.  The time when I ate there, they have simple salad composed of lettuce, gelatin, tomatoes, cucumber, singkamas (I think), carrots and special dressing which is like a mix of vinaigrette and mustard, potato salad (more of like baby potatoes with sour cream dressing), mushroom soup. Hawaiian and another pizza (I forgot the name but it's just cheese and tomatoes as its toppings), pasta with choice of fettuccine and spaghetti noodles, pasta sauce with choice of white or red sauce.  The dishes were very simple but good enough to satisfy your cravings for pasta and pizza (like I do that night).  I tasted everything.  I had 2nd round of pasta, potatoes and pizza.  I am satisfied.  With just Php 150, I am already full.

Image courtesy of Chef d' Angelo's website

I checked out their website and they're offering Php 175 eat all you can same as mentioned above but this time with rice meal.  I'm not sure if it is still applicable to some stores but maybe I'll check it out this Friday in their SM San Lazaro branch.


  1. Eat-all-you-can is not for me. I am poor at choosing food when there is too much to choose from. Haha.

  2. It's been so long since I've last eaten at Chef d' Angelo. Will have to pay them a visit soon.. :) Thanks for sharing about this sis!

  3. I've tried Chef d' Angelo in SM San Lazaro @ Php 175. It indeed have rice meal but its only fish fillet and mixed veggies as the viand to the rice. The rest are the same in Makati (pasta, salad and pizza). But we still have our stomach full :)


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