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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6 of My 366 Days Project

Day 6 is January 6, my birthday. Of course I am very much thankful for another year.  I was so happy that many people, including people I didn't expect, greeted me on my facebook wall.  Then come dinner time with family, I bumped into one of my crush (haha! I feel like a teenager with the term "crush") at Greenbelt and of course he greeted me personally.  My family also surprised me with a birthday cake with all the waiters and management of the restaurant singing happy birthday to me.  Then after dinner, some friends join me in clubbing as we went to Palladium.  I really appreciate these friends as they took the time to be with me and celebrate the last few nights of January 6th.  We kinda went bar hopping, checking out various bars in Makati until we ended up in Spicy Fingers as we felt hungry at past 2am.  We just ate and called it a night at around 3am.

I was happy on my day and thankful to everyone who remembered to greet me.  I am also thankful to those who exerted effort to give gifts, provide us free entrance at Palladium and give their time to celebrate the day with me.

Another year and I am still alive.  That's the best blessing I got for Day 6 of my 366 days project.  I hope that the wish that I've been wishing will be granted soon!  Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Awww, Happy Birthday, sis!

    Ayii, nagkita sila ni crush. Ahem. :) Kilig. And it's your special day. Happy?

  2. Thanks sis. Very much happy! He completed my day, hehe.


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